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User Guide for Seniors

Neighborhood Watch signWant to help keep your neighborhood safe?  Join a Neighborhood Watch program!  Get all the information from theTampa Police Department!

Ready to start a new work out routine and need help getting started?  Have some free time and want to do some volunteer work?  Concerned about crime and want to learn to protect yourself?  Start with these links...

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Interested in how the City Government operates?  Want to see how your tax dollars are being put to work to help you?  Here are some links to help you find out....

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Curious about Florida's wildlife?  Eager to see a new broadway show?  Want to immerse yourself in history, art, or science?  Check out these links...

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Photo by Beth Reynolds, Photographer Laureaute 2003
Seniors Recreation, Nutrition & Activity Program

 Matt Larsen, the Water Bearers
Help Conserve Water

The Wave, Mary Ann Unger
Explore Tampa's Public Art