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Have to do a research paper for school?  Here are some links to investigate...

<% Build_Links "site - TampaKids Research Resources","LSTSTD","","SHOW" %> <% Build_Links "site - TampaTeens External Research Resources","LSTSTD","","SHOW" %>     Trying to decide what college to go to?  Already know but need to find a scholarship or student loan?  Use these links... Pick the School Find the Money <% Build_Links "site - TampaTeens - Florida Colleges","LSTSTD","","SHOW" %>

<% Build_Links "site - TampaTeens College Prep","LSTSTD","","SHOW" %>     Ready to get involved in your community?  Want to earn volunteer hours towards the Bright Futures Scholarships?  Use these links... <% Build_Links "site - TampaTeens - Volunteer","LSTSTD","","SHOW" %>   Things to Help You Forget About School for Awhile! <% Build_Links "site - TampaTeens","LSTSTD","","SHOW" %>

<% Build_Links "site - attractions","LSTSTD","","SHOW" %>