Audit Agenda

Audit Agenda

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Links to any released audit reports are available below. Audit #s are assigned when the audit begins. Reports are released only after they become final according to Florida Public Records Law (see Chapter 119.07, Florida Statutes).

Audit #

Department Audit Area
14-01 Contract Administration Capital Construction
14-02 Public Works Facilities Maintenance
14-03 Neighborhood Empowerment Business Tax
14-04 Solid Waste Commercial Refuse
14-05 Revenue & Finance Banking & Central Cashiering
14-06 Planning & Development Real Estate
14-07 Water Department Consumer Services Division
14-08 Technology & Innovation Backup and Recovery
14-09 Tampa Police Department Forensic Unit
14-10 Solid Waste McKay Bay Refuse-to-Energy Facility
14-11 Water Department Call Center Operations
  Human Resources Employee Relations
  Revenue & Finance Accounts Payable
  Public Works Fleet Operations

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