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    Mayor's Youth Corp

In November 2003, the Mayor's Youth Corps was announced by former Mayor Pam Iorio, former Hillsborough County Superintendent Dr. EarlLennard, and J.P. Morgan Senior Vice President Gene Marshall, during a news conference on the bank of the Hillsborough River. It wasformed following a review of all the youth-related organizations with which the City had a relationship. The goal in structuring the Mayor's Youth Corps was to meet, then Mayor Pam Iorio's vision of an organization that provided opportunities for community service and a voice to the Mayor while remaining independent of the work other youth organizations were doing in partnership with the city.

Sponsorship of the Mayor's Youth Corps comes from the City of Tampa and our presenting sponsor, J.P. Morgan. The Mayor's Youth Corps may also receive funding from a variety of sources including What Kids Can Do, Inc. (WKCD), Hillsborough County Children's Board and Del Sol Corporation.


Empowered, caring youth dedicated to making community service a life-long commitment.


It is the mission of the Mayor's Youth Corps to:

  • provide a direct communication link between the Mayor and the youth of the City of Tampa.
  • provide the experience of working with city government and instill a sense of civic responsibility.
  • provide leadership opportunities.
  • provide opportunities for hands-on, effective service to the citizens and the city.
  • promote and recognize the accomplishments and contributions of youth to the City of Tampa.

Presenting Sponsor

J.P. Morgan