Master Plan Information

Master Plan Information

Tampa Greenways and Trails Master Plan

Al Lopez Park TrailWorking with the community, the Tampa Greenways and Trails Master Plan was developed and adopted by the Tampa City Council on February 1, 2001. This plan will serve as a guide for the development of greenways and trails in the City of Tampa.

Tampa currently has about 64 miles of trails. These include off-road multi-use trails, on-road bike lanes and hiking/nature trails. Many more are in the planning, acquisition or construction phase and information about them can be found under Projects Under Development.

The Master Plan is divided into five chapters: 

Chapter One includes an Executive Summary along with the city-wide greenway and trail map. The map is broken up into 33 pieces to make viewing easier. The goal of the greenway and trail map is to show existing facilities and to identify opportunities on public property. Trails through neighborhoods are not shown on these maps. The Citizen Advisory Committee and City of Tampa will work one-on-one with communities in identifying these routes.

Chapters Two and Three provide general information about greenways and background information about the Tampa area and its projects.

Chapters Four and Five give specific information about the development of greenways and trails in Tampa.

Questions about the City of Tampa Greenways and Trails efforts can be directed to the Tampa Parks and Recreation Department at (813) 274-5132. or by email.

View or Print Full Master Plan (Adopted February 2001) (PDF, 1032K)

2005 Master Plan Update