Art Class Descriptions

Glass Jewelry

Stained Glass - Learn how to cut glass and assemble it to create simple lead  came or copper foil panels. At the Intermediate Level more intricate designs are explored as well as three dimensional projects such as panel lamps, lanterns, kaleidoscopes and boxes.


Hands in Clay - You will rediscover the fun of playing in mud and learn the basics of hand-building; how to make and apply a glaze; the firing process called raku, and be introduced to the pottery's wheel. Intermediate and Advance Levels students may hand-build, continue with the potter's wheel or combine the two methods. You also learn different firing techniques such as electric, gas and pit firing that will create different glazing options for your work.

- You will learn to create your own jewelry and accessories by developing fabrication skills with wire and sheet metal. Intermediate level students will create surface designs, casting and be introduced to silver clay to combine with and  enhance fabrication skills.

Glass Fusion - Referred to as "warm glass," glass fusion is one of the oldest forms of glassGlass fusion making. Instead of blowing the glass, torches and kilns are used to make the glass molten. Each piece begins with hand cut, broken, pulled and ground pieces of glass and other objects. These pieces of glass and objects are then designed in a layered manner on the kiln shelf. Through a series of firings (at temperatures ranging from 1,200-1,500 degrees), a new piece of glass is formed and finally coaxed into its ultimate shape.