The table below is a price list of all the shelters in Ballast Point Park, along with the amenities available. Photographs of some shelters are available.  To view the photograph, please click on the underlined shelter number.  All available photographs are also shown at the bottom of this page. View Map of All Shelters
Damage Deposits will be assessed as follows:

1-31 people = $25.00
31-75 people = $50.00
76-199 people = $75.00

  • Electricity is not guaranteed.
  • Some shelters may only be reserved on weekends.
  • Shelter hours may differ from park hours.
  • Rental rates are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Handicap accessible shelter - benches on one side of picnic table only.
Please note that at this time an on-line reservation system for picnic shelters is currently not available. A Customer Service Representative will contact you regarding the availability of your request or you may make your reservation in person by visiting our offices, located at 3402 W. Columbus Drive, Monday - Friday from 8 am. - 4 p.m.

Park Location: 5300 Interbay Blvd. Tampa, FL 33611

Park Phone: 813-832-1207
* Prices below do not include Damage Deposit

Shelter NumbersNumber of TablesSeating Per TableTotal SeatingUtilitiesRegular Pricing *
800 000
Shelter Price$100.00
Shelter Tax$7.00
Total Price *$107.00
802 4832
Shelter Price$75.00
Shelter Tax$5.25
Total Price *$80.25
803 4832
Shelter Price$50.00
Shelter Tax$3.50
Total Price *$53.50
804 4832
Shelter Price$50.00
Shelter Tax$3.50
Total Price *$53.50
806 4832
Shelter Price$50.00
Shelter Tax$3.50
Total Price *$53.50

Shelter 800

Shelter 802

Shelter 803

Shelter 804

Shelter 805