About Us - Deputy Chief Of Investigations & Support

About Us - Deputy Chief Of Investigations & Support

Brian Dugan

Deputy Chief Brian Dugan

Deputy Chief Brian Dugan will continue to oversee the department's highest profile investigations in his new role as Deputy Chief of Investigations and Support.  He will also assume command of the department's Special Operations and Support Divisions. Dugan played a critical role in the success of the Republican National C

The newly appointed deputy chief earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from West Liberty University and a Master of Public Administration degree from Troy State University. He is a graduate of the prestigious Southern Police Institute's Command Officers' Course and the Senior Management Institute for Police. Brian Dugan is married with two children.   onvention as the Field Force Commander.  During his career, Dugan has also worked in almost every area of the department including: Criminal Intelligence Bureau, Street-Anti-Crime Unit, Quick Uniform Attack on Drugs Squad (QUAD), Internal Affairs Bureau, Mayor's Security Detail and as a Field Training Officer.

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