About Us - Tampa Police Department

About Us - Tampa Police Department

Chief of Police - Jane Castor

The Mission of the Tampa Police Department is to Reduce Crime and Enhance the Quality of Life
Through a Cooperative Partnership with all Citizens.

Chief Jane CastorDuring her 31 years as a Tampa Police Officer, Chief Jane Castor has built a reputation for working side by side with citizens, neighborhood leaders, activists and business owners to solve crime problems and improve our community. Those strong partnerships are now the foundation of the Department's crime reduction strategy, leading to unprecedented success in making Tampa a safer city. Since it's induction in 2003, Chief Castor's Focus on Four crime reduction plan has been the driving force behind Tampa's 70% reduction in crime.

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The following bureaus report directly to the Office of the Chief:

Deputy Chief Mary O'Connor
Police Operations
                Major Rocky Ratliff                Major Lee Bercaw       Major Diane Hobley-Burney             Laura McElroy
                      District I                              District II                          District III                       Media Relations

Deputy Chief Brian Dugan

Investigations and Support 



Major Keith O'Connor                                                            Major Michael Baumaister

Criminal Investigations Division                                             Special Support Division