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ECommerce Fee Structures

Fees for online payments were eliminated on March 1, 2005.

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Business Model
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In 2000, the City of Tampa sought a business partner to accept payments for City services over the Internet. Florida Local Interactive (FLI) was selected as the vendor to construct and operate this online payment facility. FLI instituted "convenience fees" as the method for recovering its costs.

The services were extremely popular and in the first four years of operation, more than 80,000 payments were processed, with over $7,367,000 in City revenue collected.

FLI ceased its operation on February 28, 2005 and the City of Tampa assumed management of the online payment facility. And beginning March 1, 2005 all fees were eliminated. City of Tampa customers can use TampaGov to pay their utility bill, parking citations, various construction permits, and other commonly billed services and not incur an Internet processing fee.

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