About Us - Purchasing

About Us - Purchasing

The Purchasing Department, as provided for in the City Charter, isresponsible for all aspects of the City's centralized procurement process. Itsobjective is to acquire needed goods and services as efficiently and asinexpensively as possible, while assuring fair and equal opportunity to allqualified vendors. The Purchasing Department's primary function is to assistother City Departments in their procurement efforts, securing materials andservices which meet necessary standards. Concurrently, the Purchasing Departmentmonitors all procurement to ascertain compliance with applicable laws.

Purchasing is organized as follows:Purchasing Puzzle

  • The Goods and Services Division, which buys most of the items and services used by the City.

  • The Purchasing Systems Administration Division, which performs computer and financial systems support; schedules all bid openings; generates bid and resolution documentation; and sells used materials and equipment.

  • The Inventory and Stores Section, which provides the materials necessary to support City operations in an efficient manner utilizing mechanisms to guide, control, and account for its inventories.

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