Recycle While You Shop

Recycle While You Shop

image of recycled productsCan you purchase items made from recycled paper? Can you buy goods in bigger sizes? Why not elect goods with minimal packaging? Pre-cycle so you don't have to recycle.

Packing comprises about 40% of the solid waste stream. Whether purchasing food, laundry detergents, or paper products, consider the following before making your selections:
  • Look for items that don't require packaging. This includes fresh produce or dry goods free of clear wraps, boxes and foam trays.

  • Avoid individually wrapped portions such as cheese slices, fruit or single serving containers like juice.

  • Select concentrated products such as frozen juice, fabric softeners or sauces that can be mixed in reusable containers.

  •  Purchase the largest size or quantity practical. Buying in bulk greatly reduces waste.

Make Recycling a Habit for Life

Try to recycle and pre-cycle at every opportunity. What you buy today produces garbage tomorrow. Better buying behavior and responsible recycling create a cleaner world for everyone.

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