State of the City 2012
Tuesday, April 3, 2012 - Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park - 600 North Ashley Drive


Alline Avenue Stormwater Pump Station

Construction started in May for the Alline Avenue stormwater pump station to alleviate historical flooding in the area. The new $4.8 million pump station, located in a residential area, has been designed to blend with surrounding homes and should be completed in December 2012.

Bayshore Balustrade Improvements Project

Completed in August 2011, the Bayshore Balustrade Improvements project repaired and restored the existing balustrade system along Bayshore Boulevard. The $1.2 million project also added additional protection from the effects of weather and the salt water environment.

Dale Mabry Highway/ Kennedy Boulevard Intersection Improvements

Completed in October, improvement for the $900,000 roadway widening of Dale Mabry Highway northbound included the addition of a right turn lane onto Kennedy Boulevard, signalization, stormwater, and pedestrian improvements.

Kennedy Boulevard / MacDill Avenue Intersection Improvements

Slated for completion in April, this project provides for roadway widening of MacDill Avenue northbound and southbound and adding right turn lanes onto Kennedy Blvd. The $650,000 project also includes signalization, stormwater, and pedestrian improvements.

Ballast Point Water Main Improvements

The Ballast Point Water Main Improvements project replaced approximately 18,000 linear feet of four-inch, six-inch, eight-inch and 12-inch water mains. Construction cost for the project was $2.3 million. The new mains, which replace undersized ones, will provide increased fire protection and improved water quality for the neighborhood.

Morrison Water Main Improvements

At a construction cost of $3.5 million, the Morrison Water Main Improvements project replaced approximately 18,000 linear feet water mains that we undersized. The new mains will provide increased fire protection and improved water quality for the neighborhood.

43rd Street Odor Control System Replacement

Started in September, this project will replace the aging system at the existing wastewater pump station. The construction cost for this project, slated to be complete in May, is $276,000.

Himes Avenue Pump Station Rehabilitation

The Himes Avenue Pump Station was in need of rehabilitation. The $225,000 project is underway and anticipated to be complete in June this year.

22nd St Improvements Phase IIA

This phase of the 22nd Street Improvements project spans from 23rd to 26th avenues and is part of the redevelopment plan for East Tampa. The improvements are composed of concrete curbs and sidewalks, a 10-foot multimodal trail, upgrade to bus stops and shelters, landscaping, irrigation, decorative crosswalks, pedestrian lighting, and traffic signal upgrades. These improvements are. Construction cost for this phase, which is expected to be completed in May, is $980,000.

Ybor Pump Station Improvements

The construction for the Ybor Pump Station improvements began in September 2011. This $4.9 million project consists of replacement and upgrade of the existing wastewater pump station.

Sulphur Springs Pump Station Rehab

This $792,000 project allows for the Rehabilitation of existing wastewater pump station and should be completed in December 2012.

Utility Capital Improvements Program (UCAP)

UCAP is a coordinated program of citywide utility improvements projects. Milestones since April 2011 include:

Channel District – Washington Street Stormwater Improvements

Completed in May 2011, this $2.3 million project included stormwater and streetscape improvements and was part of the Channel District CRA Strategic Action Plan.

Downtown Water Mains – Phases B & C

Totaling $10.1 million in construction costs, these were the final phases for replacement of downtown water mains, which were among the oldest in use. Phases B and C replaced approximately 21,676 linear-feet of aging water lines, some over 100 years old, to improve water pressure, service reliability, and fire protection.

30th St. Stormwater Force Main Additional

This extension added 900 linear feet force main as part of a multiphase project to address flooding in the Duck Pond Watershed. A joint project between the City of Tampa and Hillsborough County, this project's construction cost were $1.3 million.

113th Avenue Force Main and Drainage Improvements

This project allows for the Stormwater force main connection of the 30th Street force main to the planned Donut Pond Pump Station. The construction cost for this element of project is $2.5 million and completion is expected in November.

Drew Park Stormwater Pond

A $1.1 million contract was awarded for construction of an expanded pond for Phase 1 of the Drew Park Stormwater Improvement Project. The scope of work for this phase is the expansion of an existing pond located just north of the boundary of the Drew Park CRA District, which will provide increased storage volume and water quality treatment.

30th and Hillsborough Stormwater Improvements

This $1.4 million project is for stormwater improvements to reduce isolated flooding in the vicinity of North 30th Street and Hillsborough Avenue. This project is funded by Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD), grant funds and East Tampa CRA funds. The project includes installing stormwater pipes along North 30th Street from Hillsborough Avenue south to East Ellicott Street. Additionally, it will modify the existing ponds at East Osborne Avenue and North 30th Street to provide additional stormwater storage to relieve flooding. Completion for this project is expected in November 2012.

Euclid Box Culvert Rehab

This project provides for the restoration of an 80-year-old stormwater culverts. Work includes structural repairs, removal of sediment, reestablishing existing access, and alleviating groundwater infiltration . The construction cost for the project is $347,000 and completion is expected in July 2012.

Bayshore Blvd Landscape Improvements

This $617,000 project will install landscaping and irrigation enhancements along Bayshore Boulevard from Platt Street to Rome Avenue. The enhancements include the use of colorful, low maintenance, Florida-friendly trees, shrubs and ground covers.

Harbor Island Sidewalk Connector

Started in January, a sidewalk to connect the Harbour Island Bridge to the Riverwalk at the Tampa Convention Center is being installed. The $58,000 project includes an ADA accessible sidewalk, signage, lighting and landscaping and is anticipated to be complete June 2012.

Tampa Closed Basin Phase I

The project provides for flooding relief to the 81-acre neighborhood surrounding the intersection of Aster and 113th avenues. The project includes construction of a two- acre retention pond, extending and replacing the existing gravity collection system, and construction of a pump station. Construction cost for this project is $952,000 and completion is expected December 2012.

SSES Manhole Rehabilitation, Phase 3

Phase 3 will rehabilitate approximately 220 manholes at various locations throughout the city. Construction cost to restore these manholes that are severely corroded, leaking, and structurally unsound is $697,000 and is slated to be finished in May 2012.

University Pumping Station Repairs - Pump No. 3 Replacement & Screen Room Rehabilitation

This project will rehabilitate the existing wastewater pump station with construction cost totaling $967,000.

Laurel Pump Station Rehabilitation

Soon to be complete, this $284,000 project provided for the rehabilitation of existing wastewater pump station.

Howard F. Curren AWTP Piping and Conduit Rehabilitation

The primary sedimentation tanks 66" diameter effluent pipelines will be rehabbed by slip lining the pipelines. Rehabilitation of the screen and grit building's effluent conduits will be have a structural coating system applied. Construction cost for this rehabilitation was $1.3 million and the project was finished in October 2011

Lakeshore Pump Station Rehabilitation

Completed in September, the existing wastewater pump station rehabilitated with construction costs of $284,000.

Bern’s Park

Formerly known as Luna Park, Bern’s Park was renamed in honor of Bern Laxer after his death in 2002. Located in the Historic Hyde Park Neighborhood, Bern’s Park was built in two phases. Phase I included the installation of ‘Three Graces’ – a life-sized sculpture by the artist Karoy donated by the Laxer Family. Phase II, completed in June 2011, included the curving brick walls with decorative fencing, brick columns, sod, irrigation and grandiose Sylvester Palms that surround the fountain. Community fundraising efforts by Historic Hyde Park Neighborhood Association, Bayshore Garden Neighborhood Association, and Hyde Park Preservation paid the $35,000 costs for shrubs and groundcovers for Phase II. A community planting event, hosted by Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful, brought together 80 neighbors and volunteers to do plant 4,000 shrubs and groundcovers, which will be maintained by HHPNA Garden Circle members.

Washington Street Park

The design for the Washington Street Park was initiated with a public participation process that conveyed the neighborhood’s needs and desires. The half-acre, nautical-themed park has oversized sea grass sculptures, a large canvas shade structure and plaza, a lawn area, a non-traditional play area, and a dog run. The design allows for flexible use of the plaza and lawn areas, accommodating gatherings of various sizes as well as individual pursuits. The $815,000 park is enhanced at night with special light features, including spot lights and LED fiber optic lights imbedded into the main entry columns and was funded with property taxes from within the Channel District Community Redevelopment Area (CRA).

Springhill Community Center

Springhill Community Center, located in the Sulphur Springs area, was designed with participation from members of the Sulphur Springs community including students from Sulphur Springs Elementary School. The $3 million project was funded through the CIT Bond program. The community center design includes a gymnasium, warming kitchen, computer classroom, multi-purpose room, splash pad, play ground, and a new sports field. The Virginia Rivers Creative Arts Studio, located in the community center, has four classrooms dedicated to the theatre arts programs. The atrium hosts a public art mobile by local Seminole Heights glass sculptor Susan Gott. Neighborhood children participated in creating the beautiful blue and white glass sculpture and subsequently named the it "Spring Rain" in response to its graceful appearance.

Robles Park Playground

Robles Park Playground, part of a COT Greenprinting Initiative, provided a new playground with two play structures to accommodate different age groups, plus a swing set. A concrete ramp leads to the large structure for easy access. New concrete paving was installed to the playground area and attractive landscaping enhances the site. The $165,000 project was completed in August 2011.

KaBOOM Playground at Cuscaden Park

Hundreds of volunteers joined the City of Tampa and KaBOOM to build a playground at Cuscaden Park. The playground provides 6,000 children and their families in the local community with a great place to play and engage in healthy family time. In less than eight hours, the child-designed playground was built from scratch by hundreds of volunteers from Foresters, the City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department, the VM Ybor Neighborhood Association and the surrounding community. This is the fourth KaBOOM playground project for the City of Tampa. The first community playground build took place in 2007 at Highland Pines Park. Playgrounds have also been built at Wellswood Park and Jackson Heights Park.

The Ruth J. Fleming Trail

Located in Woodland Terrace Park, the Ruth J. Fleming Trail is one-third of a mile long and features eight fitness station with equipment such as a warm-up station, rowing machine, leg stretch, cardio walker, step-up fitness station, balance beam and push-up bars.

North Seminole Little League Building

Work is near completion for the construction of the $350,000 building located at North Seminole Little League. The 2,400 square foot facility will provide two rest rooms, a maintenance/storage room, and a meeting room. These improvements are greatly needed for this heavily utilized park. The project also includes improvements for ADA accessible parking, a new dumpster enclosure, sidewalk upgrades, landscape, and irrigation additions.

The Friendship Trail Project - Manhattan Avenue Segment

Part of the Friendship Trail Project, the Manhattan Avenue Segment is a new, one-mile, asphalt multi-use trail that runs along the east side of S. Manhattan Avenue at Interbay Boulevard. A pedestrian crossing just south of West Iowa Avenue allows users to ride along the west side of South Manhattan Avenue up to Legacy Park Drive, just south of West Tyson Avenue. Eighty-two Florida-friendly trees were added along the trial to create a future shaded walkway for the neighborhoods to enjoy. The construction cost for the project , which was completed in mid 2011, was $365,000 and was funded through the Florida Department of Transportation. The Friendship Trail is part of the South Tampa Greenway, which is a planned 15.8-mile trail linking Bayshore Boulevard to the Gandy Bridge and to Picnic Island.

The Neighborhood Tree Watch Program

A program launched through a partnership between Tampa Homeowners, An Association of Neighborhoods (THAN) and the City of Tampa. The Neighborhood Tree Watch Program encourages citizens to serve as stewards to help protect the trees in their neighborhoods.

New Tampa Nature Park

Phase I construction for the New Tampa Nature Park is underway and includes a one-half mile entrance drive, parking lot/observation boardwalk, hiking trails, and multi-use asphalt trail connecting to the Flatwoods Park and Regional Trail System. A playground with natural themed elements is in process. Construction costs for Phase I is $750,000 and completion for this phase is expected this summer.

Ballast Point Park

A major improvement project at Ballast Point Park, one of Tampa’s landmark parks, will soon be wrapped up when the final touches are applied early this summer. The City of Tampa matched funds raised by the Ballast Point community for a tot lot, an area designed for children under five years of age. Park improvements include a great circular lawn where children can run and play plus additional picnic facilities for family celebrations and other gatherings. Phase II, which is currently under construction consists of a great circular lawn that includes a splash pad, four new prefabricated picnic shelters, benches, grills and other furni¬ture amenities. Additionally, the $892,000 project includes a sail-like structure that pro¬vides cover and shade over the existing playground; eight parking spaces plus a new patio at the Joe Abrahms Wellness Center and Florida-friendly landscape with an ir-rigation system.

Tree City USA

This year marks a major milestone as Tampa celebrates its 30th consecutive year as being a certified Tree City in the Tree City USA® program. Few other cities can match that track record for achieving and maintaining the required qualifications that officially designate a community as a Tree City. Sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation, and in cooperation with the USDA Forest Service and the National Association of State Foresters, Tree City USA® recognizes communities for their urban and community forestry programs. To qualify as a Tree City USA community, a town or city must meet four standards that were established to ensure that every qualifying community maintains a viable tree management plan and program. Those standards are as follows: a tree board or department, a tree care ordinance, a Community Forestry Program with an annual budget of at least $2 per capita and an Arbor Day Observance and proclamation. Currently more than 3,400 communities across the country participate in this nation-wide program.

City takes on McKay Bay Transfer Station Operations

In October 2011, the McKay Bay Transfer Station became City owned and operated after 26 years of being a contractor operated facility. This initiative was implemented with no increase in personnel and no interruption to service, ultimately saving over $1 million annually.

New Ash Disposal Service Saves $1 million Annually

The Department of Solid Waste & Environmental Program Management established a new landfill contract for the disposal of ash generated at the McKay Bay Waste-to-Energy Facility. This change in ash disposal service provider led to $1 million dollars in annual savings.

Solid Waste Department saves with CNG vehicles

In synchronization with Tampa International Airport's construction of the first compressed natural gas CNG fueling station, the of Solid Waste Department purchased the five fully automated CNG vehicles. This is part of a systematic vehicle replacement plan, which will lower equipment, fuel, and maintenance costs over the expected life of a new truck. In comparison to today’s prices, projected annual fuel savings are $22,500 for the five trucks.

Manhattan Brush Site Closure

The Solid Waste Department streamlined operations, increased efficiency, and reduced operating costs with the closure of the Manhattan Brush Site. However, there was minimal impact to customers who are offered the same services at the McKay Bay Transfer Station six days a week. This initiative resulted in annual savings of $275,000.

Operation WIN is Launched

City of Tampa Code Enforcement Department launched Operation WIN – Working in Neighborhoods - to build strong neighborhoods and help improve the quality of life for all our residents. Operation WIN also increases the City’s responsiveness and accountability to its neighborhoods by providing environmental maintenance for illegal dumping in alleys, rights of way, and abandoned or foreclosed properties. Operation WIN uses existing resources available, resulting in a savings to the current abatement budget

Reclaimed Water Expansion in Westshore area and extension down Bayshore

A reclaimed water main extension was completed in the Westshore area to new customers on South Westshore Boulevard and West San Miguel Street. The reclaimed water is anticipated to offset 3.9 million gallons per year of potable water currently being used for lawn and landscape irrigation. Additionally, a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency allowed for the extension of the City’s reclaimed water system down Bayshore Boulevard. The project is anticipated to offset eight million gallons per year of potable water currently being used for lawn and landscape irrigation.

Lower Hillsborough River Minimum Flows

A $4.7 million project was completed at Sulphur Springs to divert water from Sulphur Springs to the base of the Hillsborough River Dam. The project is the backbone of the Lower Hillsborough River Minimum Flows Recovery Strategy to ensure the ecology of the river’s natural systems is met.

Improved Customer Service With Monthly Water Meter Reading

The City of Tampa Water Department has begun transitioning to monthly water meter reading, which will provide customers with bills that reflect actual usage each month. This change gives a timelier accounting of water use and allows customers to make usage adjustments to avoid higher water bills, as well as discover and repair leaks sooner to reduce the impact of high water bills caused by leaks.

Interbay Repump Station Expansion

This station upgrade and expansion was necessary to increase pressure for the southern portion of the Tampa peninsula. It includes smaller jockey pumps and larger booster pumps to provide pumping flexibility and provide future pump and fill needs.

Sidewalk Improvements

The City of Tampa installed 2.2 miles of new sidewalk at a cost of $310,000. An addition 6.9 miles of sidewalk, totaling $1.4 million, were repaired and upgraded.

Clean City

This year, Clean City removed over 1,237 tons of litter and debris including 14,131 snipe signs from major thoroughfares and residential corridors. In addition, 2,800 volunteers completed 91 clean-up projects and collected over 2.22 tons of litter and recyclables as part of the Annual Clean City Day.

9/11 Memorials

Art Programs coordinated the creation and installation of two 9/11 Memorials. Each memorial includes the actual steel obtained from the World Trade Center. The 9/11 First Responders Memorial was installed at the Tampa Firefighters Museum. The second memorial, the 9/11 World Trade Center Artifact, is located at Patriots Corner (Bayshore and Bay to Bay Boulevards).

Right of Way Operations Paving

The In-house Paving Team, using strategic planning and scheduling, was focused the entire year with placing asphalt. This resulted in a 27% increase in productivity from the previous year for a total of 378,119 square yards or 58.6 lane miles of asphalt placed. This new focus allowed partnerships with other Departments/Divisions for 54% of our work program funding (materials costs). The East Tampa CRA contributed 30% and the Transportation Division contributed 24% of the cost of materials.

Public Works launches Right of Way Operations with one-number calling ( 274-3101)

The Department of Public Works successfully completed the merger of Transportation Operations and Stormwater Operations into a new division, Right of Way Operations. This merger allowed the general public to utilize a single phone number, (813) 274-3101, to report any and all issues found within the public right of way.

The Drew Park Streetscape & Beautification Plan

The Drew Park Streetscape & Beautification Plan was approved by the Community Redevelopment Agency in November, a major milestone in Drew Park’s redevelopment that will result in substantial improvements during the next three years. A $355,000 contract has been awarded for design of priority elements of the Plan: Lois and Grady streetscape improvements, Community identification markers along Dale Mabry Highway, and a linear park along Tampa Bay Boulevard.

Drew Park Paving Initiative

An $850,000 project to pave Lois, Grady, and Ohio avenues and Tampa Bay Boulevard was successfully completed. The paving of Lois Avenue was a long standing priority for the Drew Park community and greatly improved the major thoroughfare in the heart of Drew Park.

Street Resurfacing & Sidewalks in East Tampa

Over $500,000 of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) was invested to resurface 35 blocks of deteriorating streets between N. 30th and 40th streets. An additional $109,000 was used to build 10 blocks of sidewalks.

Stageworks Theater

Stageworks Theater opened a 99-seat theater on the ground floor of Grand Central at Kennedy in the Channel District.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard Expansion

The extension of a west bound lane on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard between Church and Grady avenues was completed in November. The $175,000 project improves safety and traffic flow, particularly during high traffic periods associated with events at Raymond James Stadium and Steinbrenner Field.

7th Avenue Streetscape Project

Over $350,000 in TIF dollars were invested in the 7th Avenue Streetscape Project to continue east to complete the 2400 block of 7th Avenue. Improvements include new parking wells, historic hex pavers and lamp posts, benches and trash receptacles.

Ybor's First Historic Holiday Spirit Season

Ybor City celebrated its first Historic Holiday Spirit Season with a District volunteer decorating event, a holiday tree and lighting ceremony at Centro Ybor, Art in the Park at Centennial Park and the first ever "Snow on Seventh" event.

Mayor Buckhorn and neighborhood leaders broke ground on the Alline Avenue Area Drainage Improvement Project in August.

Mayor Buckhorn and neighborhood leaders broke ground on the Alline Avenue Area Drainage Improvement Project in August.

Mayor Buckhorn cuts the ribbon on the Facade Grant improvements done at Pepin Academies in East Tampa.

Mayor Buckhorn cuts the ribbon on the Facade Grant improvements done at Pepin Academies in East Tampa. 

Mayor Buckhorn officially opened the newly renovated Berns Park after it underwent several major improvements.

Mayor Buckhorn officially opened the newly renovated Berns Park after it underwent several major improvements.

Paint Your Heart Out Tampa’s 23rd year included over 100 houses that were repainted by over 2,500 volunteers.

Paint Your Heart Out Tampa’s 23rd year included over 100 houses that were repainted by over 2,500 volunteers.


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