Information Assurance Office

Information Assurance Office

A division of Technology and Innovation, the Information Assurance Office ensures the security of the City's IT assets. This office addresses business information assets as well as the security processes, using methods that are reasonable, cost effective, practical and aligned to the City's core business objectives.

The Technology & Innovation Department's Information Assurance Office was established to ensure the security of the City's information and technology assets.  To accomplish this, the Information Assurance Office has implemented an Information Security Program (ISP) for the City of Tampa.


The Information Security Program (ISP) and its policies and processes establish accountability and provide reliable protection to limit the risk of attacks, improper activity and accidental damage. This extends to providing reliable information security and security awareness education within the City of Tampa. The Information Assurance Office will be a thoughtful steward in helping the City of Tampa protect all of its information assets through access control, while accommodating all regulatory and privacy requirements and best business practices with respect to information security. The ISP establishes a baseline of policies, standards, and procedures that apply to all City of Tampa Information Technology systems and services, both operational and administrative.

While the most visible function of the Information Assurance Office is Access Control, the Information Assurance Office's areas of responsibility are more wide ranging and also include Internet/Infrastructure Security involving router, firewall, and proxy server management, Intrusion Detection and Vulnerability Scanning, System and Usage Auditing, Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance, Software License Monitoring, Directory Services Management, E-mail Archiving, Spam Filtering, and Security Policy Development and Communication.

Manager - Martin Zinaich