Complete Street Projects

Complete Street Projects

Complete streets are designed to be safe and convenient for travel by automobiles, pedestrians, bicycles, and transit, by providing bike lanes or Shared Lane Markings, also known as sharrows, as well as sidewalks.  Complete streets are designed so all modes of transportation can share the road safely.  In the July 2011, Walk Bike News, the City of Tampa complete street projects were featured, as well as, how these new engineering innovations are used on the roadway.  A Powerpoint summary of the Complete Street/Corridor Enhancement Project along 22nd Street highlights the improvements before and after the projects.

Hillsborough County has developed a Bicycle Safety Action Plan, or BSAP, which included the City of Tampa, Plant City, and Temple Terrace.  The plan identifies projects and programs tailored to address the specific problems facing cyclists in Hillsborough County.

The City of Tampa recently finished the Walk-Bike Plan and the appendices, which establishes a grid of bicycle and pedestrian facilities, linking the University of South Florida, Downtown, and the Westshore District.

The City of Tampa has several complete street projects, which include:

  • Palm Avenue, from Nebraska Avenue to 22nd Street
  • Bayshore Boulevard, from Platt Street to Rome Avenue
  • Swann Avenue, from Melville Avenue to Bayshore Boulevard (Typical Street Cross-Section)
  • MacDill Avenue, from Kennedy Boulevard to Spruce Street

The MPO has prioritized $400,000 for design of these projects below, which came from the Walk-Bike Plan, Phase 1. The MPO is trying to get these projects included in the FDOT's Five-Year Work Program:

  • Palm Avenue (North Boulevard to Nebraska Avenue)
  • Willow Avenue (Swann Avenue to Main Street)
  • Cypress Corridor (Frontage Road to Westshore Boulevard)
  • Bougainvillea Avenue (30th Street to 46th Street)

The City of Tampa has also completed the Mobility Plan.  The Powerpoint of the Mobility Plan and Walk Bike Plan shows detailed maps of the proposed projects.