Right-Of-Way Permits

Right-Of-Way Permits

Right-of-Way Permits

All private construction and/or maintenance activities which take place within the Cityright-of-way are subject to oversight by the City. This is most usually accomplished via apermit application and review process. The most commonly requested permits fall into thefollowing categories:

  • Special events (e.g. parades, block parties, carnivals, road festivals, etc.) which areto be held in whole or part in municipal streets and rights-of-way are regulated by way ofa permit process.
  • Sidewalk and driveway construction/repair which takes place within City right-of-way isregulated by a permit process in order to assure optimal user safety. Permit applicationsand further information is available as cited below.
  • Utility construction and maintenance activities are also regulated by permit. Questionsregarding the activities of a particular utility within the right-of-way may be directedto the phone number below.

The Right Of Way Permit (fillable form) is now available online. If you have any questions, please call (813) 274-5656 or (813) 274-8009 and electronic submittal to e-mail rightofwaypermits@tampagov.net. Any sidewalk or street closures will require a maintenance of traffic plan to be submitted with the permit application. Please be aware, it may take up to 14 days to review and approve a right of way permit. The Right Of Way Permit Fee Schedule is also available in a PDF format.

Permit applications and detailed instructions are also available on the 4th floor of theTampa Municipal Office Building,306 East JacksonStreet, Tampa, Florida 33602.

For all other permitting questions, please call (813) 274-8333.