Right-Of-Way Permits

All private construction and/or maintenance activities, which take place within the City of Tampa rights-of-way are subject to oversight by the City. This is accomplished via a permit application and review process. The most commonly requested permits fall into the following categories:

  • Special events (e.g., parades, block parties, carnivals, road festivals, etc.), which are to be held in whole or in part on City streets and rights-of-way, are regulated by way of a permit process.
  • Sidewalk and driveway construction/repair, which takes place within City rights-of-way, is regulated by a permit process in order to ensure optimal user safety.
  • Utility construction and maintenance activities are also regulated by permit.

Please click this link to access the City of Tampa right-of-way permit (fillable form).  You may submit the permit via e-mail to:  rightofwaypermits@tampagov.net. Sidewalk or street closures will require a maintenance of traffic plan to be submitted with the right-of-way permit application. The right-of-way permit review and approval process takes approximately fifteen (15) business days.  Please see the following for the right-of-way permit fee schedule:  Right-of-Way Permit Fee Schedule.

The contact information for the Right-of-Way Permitting Staff is as follows: 

City of Tampa Department of Transportation and Stormwater Services
Right-of-Way Permitting Office
Tampa, Florida 33605
Office:  (813) 274-3101
Fax:  (813) 622-1956