Survey Section

The City of Tampa Survey Section (overview) is a professional group of surveyors with the experience and dedication to provide the highest quality surveying services and support to the various departments within the City of Tampa.

While we are a part of the Department of Transportation and Stormwater Services, it falls within our purview to support many of the departments that exist within the City of Tampa. Although not a large group by modern day standards, we rely on our expertise, state of the art equipment, and a total quality service work ethic. In order to provide this quality service, we strive to keep ourselves informed, and educated on the latest advancements in technology and equipment. While we can’t always utilize the leading edge of technology due to because of budget constraints and a desire to provide a fiscally responsible use of public money, we work with nearly state of the art equipment to provide the most efficient and accurate product we can deliver. 

For more information please contact :

Clarence "Lucky" Wade III, PLS

City of Tampa Surveyor

(813) 635-3430. 

Download the City of Tampa Primary Control Netwok data / Zip file  (Version 2b - February 23, 2016)

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