Traffic Engineering

Contact the Transportation Division at (813) 274-8333, Monday through Friday, 7:30 4:30 p.m. to request the following:

  • An engineering investigation and evaluation to address a potential traffic operationsor safety problem related to speeding, on-street parking, cut-through traffic, signaloperation, accidents, school area safety, pedestrian safety, or truck traffic,

  • The presence of a sight obstruction at an intersection or driveway, or an obstructedtraffic sign or signal,

  • Information concerning the City's policy on the placement of 5-minute parking signsby property owners directly in front of their private residence, or

  • Information about the Neighborhood Speed Watch Program.

The City encourages citizens to contact their neighborhood associations concerning anytraffic related issues. Neighborhood associations will usually prioritize their requestsso that the City can devote its resources to the most critical areas first.