Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant Facts Of Interest

Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant Facts Of Interest

Capacity: 96 MGD (million gallons per day)
 Anaerobic Digestion Capacity Gas Storage: 10 MG in 7 tanks 90,000 cubic feet (@ low pressure)

Effluent Quality2013 Annual AveragePermit RequirementPercent Removal
Flow54.2 MGD  
BOD1.5 mg/l5.0 mg/l99.1
TSS0.5 mg/l5.0 mg/l99.7
Total Nitrogen2.33 mg/l3.0 mg/l92.4

Power Co-Generation
2.5 MW Capacity Engine Generators (Bio-gas fueled)
5 - Waukeshaw VHP
V-12, Model L7042G, 900 RPM
Kato Generator, 480V, 500KW

2013 Energy Production
Gas Production923,000 cubic feet per day 
Power Generated36,025 KWH/day 
Energy Savings$3,019 per day

$1,104,954 annually

Emergency Standby Power Facilities
5.8 MW Natural Gas Fueled
2 - Waukeshaw 16V-ATGL
Kato Generator 13.8 KV, 2900 KW
8.0 MW Diesel Fueled
4 - Caterpillar Model 3516
Kato Generator 13.2 KV, 2000 KW


Sludge Heat Drying
CapacityEvaporative:24,000 lbs per hour
 Drying Capacity:59 dry tons per day
 Storage1,200 tons
2010 Class AA BiosolidsProduction2,989 tons per year
 Nutrient Analysis5-2-0


2013 Reclaimed Water Reuse
Trucked Irrigation19595 GPD
In-plant Reuse7.63 MGD
Industrial Reuse2.25 MGD