Wastewater Information Resources

Wastewater Information Resources

Information Resources

The Wastewater Department personnel collect, treat, and dispose of more than 55 million gallons of wastewater per day from over 100,000 customers in Tampa and its immediate suburbs. Sanitary treatment requires the careful removal of pollutants and pathogens from wastewater in a manner consistent with Federal, state, and local regulations so that the end product can be returned to the environment for natural recycling.

The City maintains the sanitary sewer system from your property line toward the street,easement, or alley where the main sewer line is located.

Hazardous Materials
Learn how to properly dispose hazardous waste. Improper disposing of it can cause a myriad of problems. Explosions have occurred in sewers and garbage trucks because of improperly disposed wastes. Also, corrosive wastes can slowly eat away at something until it breaks and causes unknown harm. Poisonous wastes can cause cancer, birth defects, and even worse medical conditions.

Capacity Fees
Find out how capacity fees are assessed.  These fees pay for capital improvements associated with the Wastewater Treatment Plant and large pipelines.

Multi-family/Non-residential Utility Service Application 

Single Family Utility Service Application

Technical Standards
To assist applicants and engineers in meeting requirements established in the Florida Administrative Code with regards to design documents and installation of wastewater facilities and ensure consistency in meeting typical conditions outlined in the departments' letter of commitment for service.

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