Director's Written Guidelines for Repairs and Replacement

Director's Written Guidelines for Repairs and Replacement

Section 26-307 (a) (5) Repairs and Replacement provides as follows: "The owner shall be responsible for the cost and scheduling of all repairs to or replacement of its grease interceptor(s) or trap(s). Repairs and replacements required by a GMP inspector shall be completed within a reasonable time as established in written guidelines prepared by the Director. The time for corrective action shall commence on the date of receipt. Written guidelines shall include provisions for time extensions if the owner responds with an acceptable plan for rectifying the situation.


Grease Traps 

Grease Interceptors


30 Days 60 Days

Upgrade and/or Replacement

60 Days 6 Months
All time runs from the date of receipt of the NOV. Time extensions may be granted by the Director of the Wastewater Department if the owner responds to the NOV with an acceptable plan to rectify the situation. The amount of extension of time to repair or upgrade and/or replace cannot exceed the original time allocated for corrective action as specified above. 
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Eric A. Weiss, P.E.
Director of the City of Tampa
Wastewater Department 
1 Section 26-307 entitled "Grease interceptor and trap enforcement", paragraph (a) (5) entitled " Repairs and Replacement" of Chapter 26 of the City of Tampa Code of Ordinances. 

2 Notice of Violation