Conservation For Educators

Conservation For Educators

The Tampa Water Department informs and educates to change water consumption habits through utility bill inserts, public service announcements, water conservation videos, effective working relationships with the media, and much more.

 Teachers and community advocates are key to the success of the Water Conservation Education Program. Thank you for continuing to support water conservation education.

Local Grants for Teachers

From the Tampa Water Department

Other Materials Available to Teachers

"Water Are You Waiting For?" USEPA video shown in Adobe Flash showcasing water profession opportunities.
"Water You Waiting For?" is a 12-minute video from the United States Environmental Protection Agency showcasing the water profession for high school and/or vocational technical school students.  This video highlights the water profession in four areas -the value of water, job responsibilities, career successes, and environmental contribution. The video is designed so that each of these chapters can either be viewed separately, appealing to that student's curiosity, or can be viewed in it's entirety.


View the video in Adobe Flash Player "Water You Waiting For?" (launches video in new window)