Forms And Publications

Forms And Publications

Download the Tampa Water Department's brochures, forms, technical publications and code resolutions/ordinances for quick, easy access to information relating to your water service.

Brochures and Information Sheets (PDFs)



Single Family Residence Water Service Forms

Multi-family and or Non-Residential/Subdivison Development Forms

Technical Publications

Disclaimer of Liability - The City of Tampa Water Department (TWD) makes documents, project specifications, reports and drawings available to the public in both hard copy and electronic formats for informational purposes only.  No warranty either expressed or implied is made regarding the content, accuracy or reliability of this information.  The reuse of this information on another project will be at such a person's or entity's sole risk.  TWD reserves the right to revise, update and improve these details without notice and assumes no responsibility as a result of their use.  TWD makes every effort to ensure information provided in electronic format is virus free, however TWD assumes no responsibility for any damage whatsoever caused by the electronic installation of this information.  The user agrees to indemnify the City of Tampa from any and all claims, damages, losses and costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees arising out of or related to such unauthorized reuse, change or alteration of any information provided.  Use of the provided information indicates that use accepts the above conditions.

Water Code Resolutions and Ordinances

All Tampa City Codes relating to Water and Utility Services is available in Tampa's municipal codes published by the Municipal Code Corporation.