Speaker's Bureau

Speaker's Bureau


The Tampa Water Department's Speaker's Bureau is a community education/awareness program offering expert speakers to community and professional organizations, groups, committees, clubs, societies and other associations. The Speaker's Bureau will provide speakers knowledgeable about Tampa Water Department operations, including Tampa's Water Efficiency and Conservation Programs, Tampa's Water Treatment, and Tampa's water resources and projects. There is no charge for the Speaker's Bureau. Due to staffing ability, we may not be able to meet all requests.

Organizations that desire a speaker/presenter on general topics, such as general water conservation or regional water issues, should contact the Southwest Florida Water Management District.

Except as part of the annual Great American Teach-in, we are unable to provide speakers/presenters for elementary, middle or high schools and youth camps, at this time. Educator materials are available online and teachers/youth facilitators are encouraged to contact the Southwest Florida Water Management District's Youth Education Program for additional resources and speakers.

To request a speaker, please complete the online request form. You will be asked to include information about your organization, date requested, time, location (with address), and contact information for the person requesting the speaker.

(page last reviewed: 11/22/12)