Rain Barrel Workshops

Rain Barrel Workshops

Rain Barrel

All Tampa Water Department (TWD) customers are eligible to receive a free rain barrel for attending a Hillsborough County Extension Florida Yards and Neighborhoods (FY&N) Rainwater Harvesting Workshop.

Participants will also learn about other programs that promote sustainable use of Tampa's water resources.

The free rain water harvesting tools and instructions are available due to a partnership between the TWD and the FY&N program to increase the availability of rainwater harvesting programs throughout the TWD's service area.

Storing rainwater aids in the reduction of storm water runoff, which can help reduce the levels of pesticides and fertilizers that drain into ponds, streams, lakes and Tampa Bay.

Rain barrels may be painted, like this award-winning barrel created by Durant High School Students.Pre-registration is required for all workshops. Call the Extension at (813) 744-5519, ext. 144, to register for a workshop or visithillsborough.ifas.ufl.edu/fyn/rain-barrels.shtml for more information.

Thank you to all our participants for their interest in conserving our drinking water resources.

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