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Best of the Web Awards - Center for Digital Government 

  • 2013 - 4th Place - 9/4/2013
  • 2012 - Finalist - 9/1/2012
  • 2011 - Finalist - 9/1/2011
  • 2009 - 5th Place - 8/25/2009
  • 2007 - 1st Place - 09/12/2007
  • 2006 - 2nd Place - 08/28/2006
  • 2005 - 3rd Place - 10/04/2005

Digital Cities Awards - Center for Digital Government

  • 2009 - 2nd Place - 11/3/2009
  • 2008 - 5th Place - 11/12/2008
  • 2007 - 3rd Place - 11/13/2007
  • 2006 - 2nd Place - 11/28/2006
  • 2005 - 2nd Place - 12/05/2005
  • 2004 - 4th Place - 12/2004
  • 2003 - 1st Place

04/2004 - Kris Middaugh - Government Technology Magazine

News and Recognition


Tampa joins trend of websites prizing form as well as function
The Tampa Tribune

City of Tampa App Makes it Easy to Request Service - Report Potholes
ABC Action News WFTS Tampa Bay

Tampa residents can now pay utility bills on city app
May 27, 2014

City of Tampa Mobile App
January 31, 2014
Neighborhood News

New City of Tampa Mobile App Makes Services More Accessible
January 14, 2014
83 Degrees

Tampa City Hall launches free smart phone app
January 8, 2014
Tampa Bay Times


Tampa FL Delivering Up-To-Date Community Information to All Citizens
11/2007 Melissa Alvarez
Alliance for Innovation

Kiosks to keep visitors on right path
08/10/2007 Kevin Graham
St. Petersburg Times

Excellence in Egovernment Award
04/30/2007 Spencer Tracy
National Policy Research Council


Tampa's Web Site Get Accolades
St. Petersburg Times

Report Card: The Best E-Government Sites
11/27/2006 Mitch Betts

EGovernment Trend Report
2006 Spencer Tracy
National Policy Research Council

Tampa Police Web Site Adds Traffic Advisory Feature
05/19/2006 Valerie Kalfrin
Tampa Tribune

TampaGov Customer Service Center a Finalist in the 2006 Stockholm Challenge Award
Stockholm Challenge 2005-2006


Want online ease?  Try City's web site
St. Petersburg Times

Tampa's Customer Service System as a model for City of Lincoln Nebraska
10/21/2005 Rachael Seravalli
Lincoln Journal Star

Tampa Referenced as a Model for Chattanooga
07/27/2005 Professor John C. Thomas, Ph.D.
Georgia State University

City information online in Spanish
07/07/2005 Saundra Amrhein
St. Petersburg Times


Online Customer Service Center Launched on
05/2004 Angela Champsaur
The Innovation Groups

Tampa Officials Tout Redesigned Web Site
03/05/2004 Andy Reid
Tampa Tribune

A Click of Web Site Nips City's Red Tape
03/05/2004 Graham Brink
St. Petersburg Times

Online Message System Links City, Residents
01/11/2004 Andy Reid
Tampa Tribune

Tampa Web Site Receives Recognition
Tampa Tribune


2003 Top Digital Cities
12/2003 Rhonda Wilson
Center for Digital Government

Service Keeps City Hall on Track
10/19/2003 David Karp
St. Petersburg Times

Taking the Lead
02/2003 Tod Newcombe
Government Technology Magazine

The Do's of Government Web Site Design
01/14/2003 Justine Brown

2002 - 1st Place - Best of the Web
01/07/2003 Tracy Miller
The Innovation Groups

MuniNet Guide & Review Selects Tampa As “Top Pick”
MuniNet Guide & Review

Best of Breed - TampaGov
01/2003 Michelle Gamble-Risley
Center for Digital Government


Florida City & County Management Association Award for Innovation in Communications and Technology
05/16/2002 Steve Cantler
Information Technology Services receives top Digital City honors
The Business Journal Tampa Bay

Reception Honors 2002 Digital Cities Survey Winners
12/2002 Melinda Dinin
Center for Digital Government

What Works on the Web
12/2002 Barbara Miracle
Florida Trend

TampaGov awarded 1st Place in the 2002 Digital Cities Survey
11/21/2002 Steve Cantler
Information Technology Services

Tampa's Justly Honored Web Site
10/26/2002 Joe Guidry
Tampa Tribune

Tampa Web Site Honored As Best In Nation
10/03/2002 Laura Kinsler
Tampa Tribune

City of Tampa Named Best Web Site in the U.S.
10/02/2002 Rick Smith
Planning & Management

The Best Get Better
10/2002 Darby Patterson
Government Technology Magazine

Virginia and Tampa Win Best of the Web
09/06/2002 Melinda Dinin
Center for Digital Government

Calculating Savings
09/2002 Shane Peterson
Government Technology Spectrum

Tampa markets Web services
02/13/2002 Brian Robinson
Federal Computer Week

Tampa Launching Campaign To Promote City's Web Site
01/17/2002 Laura Kinsler
Tampa Tribune


Tampa portal pays its own way
04/20/2001 Nicholas Morehead

City of Tampa Introduces Enhanced eGovernment Website
04/18/2001 Stephanie Singer
Porter Novelli

Museum of Art launches online store
02/21/2001 Daryl Umberger
Tampa Tribune

Tampa launches its Website
01/19/2001 David R. Corder

City of Tampa Introduces Convenient and User-Friendly Online
01/18/2001 Lindsey Spindle
Porter Novelli International


E-government availability to get a boost
12/10/2000 Laura Kinsler
Tampa Tribune

Come One, Come All
12/2000 Bryan M. Gold
Government Technology Magazine

Tampa joins the New Economy
11/22/2000 Daniel F. DeLong

Preparation Critical in Tampa's Selection
10/30/2000 Bryan M. Gold
Government Technology Magazine

Local Government Moves Ahead with E-Portal
05/23/2000 Michelle Gamble-Risley
Center for Digital Government

Internet client bid baits Tampa officials
08/15/1995 John Stebbins
Tampa Tribune

Citizen Comments

"To Whom it May Concern: City of Tampa, Florida, Thank you for providing your services to the public every year. 07/26/2011 Angela T (Brentwood, New York)

"I would like to compliment you on your website. I was looking up water usage calculator on Google and check out your site from there. It was very easy to use and very informative. I really liked all the water conservation tips. Thanks for making it easy. Have a great day."
04/14/09 Helen W (San Diego, CA)

"I just had an opportunity to use your web site to email to two association presidents information about an upcoming public meeting -- what a great addition and service to offer. It was very easy to use and I feel confident that the message will get to the intended recipients.  It is quite excellent and cutting edge!"
03/10/2008 Linda C (Tampa, Florida)

"I checked out the website. I was amazed by the technology. The creation is simply awesome. So awesome I was compelled to tell you so!"
11/14/2007 Valory G (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

"Your site is hands−down the finest vehicle for communication between citizens and their city that I've ever encountered in any context. Thank you for making it available and for making it work so well!"
06/08/2007 Charlie T (Tampa, Florida)

"I am so impressed with online TampaGov. I cannot express my thanks enough. What an amazing and efficient tool. Within one hour I was able to establish my new water service, upload an account history from my old account from another source, have my account set up, account number made available, turn on within 24 hours and my deposit waived. Ok, let me say this again, it happened in less than an hour and I was able to eat my lunch while doing so. If not for this system none of this would be possible. Hooray. I just can't believe the number of avenues available for me to pick from on your on-line services. I couldn't even begin to count them. Once again this is an amazing tool. THANK YOU..."
05/31/2007 Druci D (Tampa, Florida)

"I am moving to Florida on my own. I appreciate this service more than I can express in words! This site offers so many resources and general information! From changing your drivers license to employment opportunities: you've got it all covered. I am so thankful. This site has made my move a lot easier. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"
05/21/2007 Yasmeen M (Garland, Texas)

"Nice website -- I like the upgrades..."
05/11/2007 James W (Tampa, Florida)

"Tampa's city web site is outstanding."
04/01/2007 Cinda C (Burbank, California)

"The website looks great and I really appreciate the personalization features."
03/30/2007 Bart K (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

"Tampa has built an impressive e-government system that exemplifies the provision of social services..."
03/28/2007 Ling L (New York, New York)

"Love what you have done incorporating Google maps into your site."
03/06/2007 Shawn P (Charlotte, North Carolina)

"Very impressive, each time I use it, it is fantastic. Very well done, pat someone on the back for this service. We love it."
07/14/2006 Craig M (Tampa, Florida)

"I was delighted with the immediate response. This is a fabulous system. I especially like the fact that I can track my email and the follow up actions on the part of the city agency."
06/30/2006 Merrill M (Tampa, Florida)

"I just wanted to inform you about how pleased I am with the TampaGov Web Site. The site is very well done and I find it easy to maneuver around and find what I am looking for. I am especially pleased with the quick response I get from the Tampa City staff whenever I have asked for help with something. If something can not be remedied rapidly, I am always provided with timely status updates. Thank you again."
05/28/2006 Robert Y (Tampa, Florida)

"You have a great citizen facing web site."
05/05/2006 Verra R (Ft Lauderdale, Florida)

"I sent a note using the online customer service system (and the request was efficiently handled). I am very grateful. Keep up the good work. You have earned my respect and trust."
03/30/2006 Chris U (Tampa, Florida)

"Thank you for a user friendly and information filled website. You are light years away from how it started out. I am a loyal fan of this site and it is great to know that we have competent people doing a wonderful job of keeping our citizens 'informed and connected' to the city."
04/20/2005 Joan L (Tampa, Florida)

"The online info that exists on helps me to be a more informed citizen and to better participate in city governance as I have more accurate information."
04/05/2005 David B (Tampa, Florida)

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the accessibility of your site. I am legally blind and have very little vision. Your site is one of only a handful of sites that makes me feel like a normal person when I am reading it. I can navigate it easily and though my friends and family joke that they can read the site from a mile away, it has really helped me. I cannot say enough how much this means to be able to access information like everyone else."
03/02/2005 Lisa C (Wesley Chapel, Florida)

"Thank you for instituting the online Customer Service Center. I used it recently to communicate some maintenance concerns and got a very prompt reply (so much more reassuring than telephone tag).  Please congratulate the IT staff responsible for this exceptionally 'user-friendly' feature."
08/28/2004 Carol D (Tampa, Florida)

"I find the web site very informative and easy to navigate. I am looking forward to relocating to the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. Thank you for the follow-up and accepting feedback."
05/30/2004 Vanethia J (Austell, Georgia)

"Thank you for doing such a wonderful job building this site. It is easy to use, it includes so many features that are helpful and informative to citizens, and it is visually attractive without being overloaded with graphics (which tends to slow things down for those of us who are still on dial up). Kudos!"
04/05/2004 Joan L (Tampa, Florida)

"This quick note is to let you know how pleased I am with your website, as it has proved invaluable to me/us in our upcoming move to your area. Your community is a thriving one for just my interests. May I also say what an invaluable asset this website will be also for me when we move as I am now afforded the ability to conduct my business/bills payments mainly within your site."
03/17/2004 Nancy & Lee F (Louisville, Kentucky)

"Congratulations on the new customer service center for Tampa government. It is an excellent idea and a big improvement.  As a customer service manager, I know the difficulties that can take place, and you should be commended on this excellent effort."
03/15/2004 Peter Z (Tampa, Florida)

"Well done!  The e-mail communication with city departments is just great! I have used it and the response has been almost immediate and completely effective. I am most impressed with this service and wish to say "Thank you""
03/05/2004 Scott T (Tampa, Florida)

"Enjoyed using the correspondence system, It shows people that you are working on their problems or concerns in a timely manner."
03/04/2004 Wendell D (Little Rock, Arkansas)

"Thank you for giving us an idea on how well your city is organized and what to expect when we move in. It helped us a lot to see that you can pretty much do everything on line!! We are looking forward to work in the community as well. Thank you!!"
02/11/2004 Edward G (Taylorsville, Utah)

"Excellent. This is great customer service."
01/21/2004 David B (Tampa, Florida)

"I love this new email tool! Great job, City of Tampa! I am getting responses, replies and results!  Excellent way to let your citizens communicate and keep track of what's going on! This is fantastic!  And, as a neighborhood association president, this new tool will help me streamline my questions of the city on behalf of our residents."
11/18/2003 Emmy R (Tampa, Florida)

"I'm ecstatic about the thoroughness of your website. It has good continuity and should be the epitome for other cities to follow."
11/18/2003 Peter D (Bedford Heights, Ohio)

"It's a great site that is well laid out."
10/22/2003 Andrew H (Atlanta, Georgia)

"Site works well and is easy to use."
06/22/2003 Brian S (Tampa, Florida)

"I came across your site and found it really informative and nice. Thank you for putting up this wonderful site. It particularly helped me in my research."
06/05/2003 Shaan B (USA)

"The website email service is a great idea."
05/13/2003 Mauricio R (Tampa, Florida)

"Very nice work on your web site."
04/22/2003 Daniel R (Greeley, Colorado)

"You have a great website."
02/19/2003 Evelyn M (Charlotte, North Carolina)

"I was very impressed by your interactive site."
09/25/2002 June N (Miami Beach, Florida)

"A wonderful community resource -- easy to use, friendly, fast, and good looking. You are setting the bar for quality that is inspiring us all!"
09/19/2002 Steve H (Denver, Colorado)

"I was very impressed about your site with its rich contents and personalization feature."
09/10/2002 Duncan A (New York, New York)

"Great that you've gone this far to be convenient to the citizens!  Great site, great job!"
 08/27/2001 Patty R (Tampa, Florida)

"I found your site when looking for info about the USA. Very nice and informative."
07/26/2001 Jan K (Eindhoven, Holland)

"Just wanted to express my appreciation for your efforts. The City of Tampa website is clear and concise and easily navigated. Kudos!"
05/15/2000 Thomas C (Tampa, Florida)

"Wow, what a wonderful home page. I congratulate you on a job well done. I wish all the home pages from other cities were as easy to search and get around as yours."
10/28/1999 Glen L (British Columbia, Canada)

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