2002 Best of the Web Award

TampaGov Awarded 1st Place in the 2002 Best of the Web Competition

2002 Best of the Web 1st Place Winner logoThe City of Tampa was selected as the top local government web site in the 2002 Best of the Web Contest sponsored by the Center for Digital Government and Government Technology magazine. Hailed as the nation's most prestigious and popular government competition, the Best of the Web awards the best state and local government web sites based on innovation, efficiency, economy and functionality.  More than 350 sites were judged nationwide.

Media Announcements

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  • Center for Digital Government press release
  • Center for Digital Government 2002 Best of the Web

"The Winning Team"

Portal Management Group

...provided high level guidance, financial & legal assessments, and marketing:

Steve Cantler, MIS Web Technologies
Sam Hamilton, Assistant City Attorney
Ron Ibarra, Chief Accountant
Dave Kennedy, MIS Director
John McGrath, Chief Information Technology Officer
Mukesh Patel, FLI Manager
Rick Smith, Planning & Management Director

MIS Web Technology Group

...provided detailed design, development, implementation and support for all web initiatives:

Richard Byrn, Database Administration
Steve Cantler, Project Leader
Rob Edwards, Web Administration
Camille Fidrych, Web Applications Lead
Mario Flores, Data Integration
Terri Hawkins, Web Content Management
John Newman, Web Applications
Derek Pike, Web Applications
Don Taylor, Web Administration Lead

Web Contributors

...provided department level web content creation and maintenance:

John Amero, Fire Rescue
Gail Anderson, City Clerk
Melanie Calloway, Public Works
Linda Carlo, Recreation
Larry Cesarsky, Real Estate
Gary Chapman, Internal Audit
Sam Chiodo, Fire Rescue
Dave Clement, MIS
Richard Coane, Personnel
Joe Cordero, WMBE
Lani Czyzewski, Museum of Art
Nick D'Andrea, Construction Services
Tom Dea, Cable Communication
Mike DeMott, Police
Patty Dempsey, Fire Education
Bruce Engler, Parks
Heather Erickson-Wolf, Recreation
Richard Evans, Fleet Maintenance
Dave Frame, MIS
Sharon Graham, Recreation
Ann Gray, YCDC
Annie Hart, Historic Preservation
Lori Hernandez, Environmental Services
Butch Hill, Utility Accounting
Kay Hunter, Training
Varghese Jacob, Solid Waste
Libby Jefferies, Historic Preservation

JoAnne Joffrion, Business & Community Services
Deanna Johnson, Planning & Management
Theresa Kempa, Purchasing
Delilah Libby, Public Works
Janice London, Training
Liana Lopez, Neighborhood Liaison
Maggie Lopez, Administrative Services
Rob Martin, Parks
Barry May, Convention Center
Min Nemoy, Fire Education
Arnie Nieman, Water
Robin Nigh, Tampa Public Art
Linda Page, Purchasing
Sheila Parker, Convention Center
Vicki Regar, Utility Accounting
Thayra Riley, Planning & Management
Karen Romo, MIS
Edwin Santos, Sanitary Sewers
Dan Shafer, Sanitary Sewers
Rhonda Smalls, City Council
Nina Stokes, Water
Lydia Storck, Personnel
Steve Strouf, Fire Rescue
Thomas Thayer, Police
Brenda Thrower, YCDC
Desiree Valdes, City Council
Kerry Wright, MIS

Florida Local Interactive

...provided eCommerce and video streaming solutions:

Mukesh Patel, FLI Manager FLI/NIC design, development & support staff

Web Aesthetics Committee

...provided high level aesthetics design submissions and reviews:

Alan Brasier, Publications
Steve Cantler, MIS
Lani Czyzewski, Museum of Art
Rob Martin, Parks
Nina Stokes, Water
Betty Tanner, Water
Don Taylor, MIS

NYC award acceptance, pictured left to right are Rick Smith, (presenter), Steve Cantler, & Mukesh PatelBest of the Web Award Presentation

The award ceremony occurred at the New York Marriott Brooklyn on October 10, 2002. City officials were present in New York City to accept the award.  Pictured left to right are Rick Smith, (presenter), Steve Cantler, and Mukesh Patel.

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