2007 Best of the Web

TampaGov Wins 2007 Best of the Web

Best of the Web 2007The City of Tampa has been selected as the Center for Digital Government's 2007 Best of the Web winner in the City Portal category. The Best of the Web is a nationwide annual awards program that evaluates state, city and local government web sites based their innovation, efficiency, economy, and functionality for improved citizen access.

Cathilea Robinett, Executive Director of the Center, offered these enthusiastic words of praise: "2007 was an amazing year for our Best of Web and Digital Government Achievement Awards. The competition was fierce and there were many applications and portals that were top notch. It's clear that America's state and local governments are unrelenting in their pursuit of excellence for the citizens they serve."

Media Announcements

  • Tampa public announcement
  • Center for Digital Government public announcement
  • Center for Digital Government results

"The Winning Team"

Portal Advisory Group

...provided high level guidance:

James Buckner, CIO & Technology and Innovation Director
Steve Cantler, Technology and Innovation, Web Technologies
Liana Lopez, Public Affairs Director
Annette Spina, Public Affairs Office
Donald Taylor, Technology and Innovation, Web Technologies

Technology and Innovation Web Group

...provided detailed design, development, implementation and support for all web initiatives:

Richard Byrn, Database Administration
Steve Cantler, Web Applications Development
Betty Cortez, Web Content Management
David Frame, Database Administration
Ed Gorski, Web Administration 
Terri Hawkins, Database Administration
Daisy Leoncio, Web Design
Edward Maurer, Web Applications Development
Tanya McEwen, Web Applications Development
John Newman, Web Applications Development
Keith Paquette, Web Applications Development
Derek Pike, Database Administration
Donald Taylor, Web Content Management

Web Contributors

...provided department level web content creation and maintenance:

John Amero, Fire Rescue
Lelia Blevins, City Clerk
Shelisia Bradley, Community Affaris
Regina Byrd, Solid Waste
Kandace Campbell, Water
Melanie Calloway, Public Works
Linda Carlo, Parks and Recreation
Gary Chapman, Internal Audit
Sam Chiodo, Fire Rescue
Melissa Chiong, Construction Services
James Cook, Land Development
Bonny Cropper, Minority Business development
Joe Cordero, Minority Business Development
Eric Cotton, Land Development
Tom Dea, Cable Communication
Denise DelCastillo, Contract Administration
Patricia Dempsey, Fire Education
Josh Ellis, Solid Waste
Meredith Elorfi, Museum
Heather Erickson, Recreation
Anja Davis, Building Maintenance
Randy Goers, Community Planning
Sharon Graham, Office of Special Events Coordination
Ann Gray, Ybor City Development Corporation
Peter Gruskin, Economic & Urban Development
Richard Farr, Police
Wanda Forbes, Growth Management & Development Services
Mark Flynn, Cable Communication
Annie Hart, Historic Preservation
Ana Hawes-Verbeek, Contract Administration
Terri Hawkins, CERT
Rebecca Heimsted, Mayor's Youth Corps
Lori Hernandez, Environmental Services
Carla Jackson, Neighborhood and Community Relations
Libby Jefferies, Architectural Review and Historic Preservation
Deanna Johnson, Construction Services
Carrie Jones, Stormwater
Julie Jordan, Parking
David Lorick, Police
Melissa LeBaron, Art Programs
Liana Lopez, Public Affairs / Mayor's Office
Robert Martin, Stormwater
Erica McClain, Convention Center
Louise Melendi, Gym and Dance
Richard Metz, Police
Loralee Morrow, Urban Design
AnnMarie Moulin, Museum
Min Nemoy, Purchasing
Thomas Nguyen, City Council
Christopher Pace, Wastewater
Joe Price, Code Enforcement
Vicki Regar, Utility Accounting
Lorena Rivas, en Espanol
Maria Rivera, General Employees Retirement Fund
Andrea Roshaven, Water
Richard Russo, Water
Edwin Santos, Wastewater
Danielle Sanford, Technology and Innovation
Annette Spina, Public Affairs / Mayor's Office
Deborah Stephenson, Intergovernmental Relations
Steve Strouf, Fire Rescue
Nina Stokes, Solid Waste
Steve Strouf, Fire Rescue
Brenda Thrower, Ybor City Development Corporation
Naomi Williams, Accounting
Chauncia Willis, Emergency Management

Award Presentation

The award ceremony occurred at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas on September 21, 2007.

2007 Best of the Web presentation in Las Vegas
Steve Cantler accepted the award on behalf of the City from Cathilea Robinett, Executive Director of the Center for Digital Government.
2007 Best of the Web meeting with the Mayor in Tampa
The Mayor met with members of the winning team.  Pictured left to right are Ed Gorski, David Frame, Robert Austin, Mayor Pam Iorio, Steve Cantler, Tanya McEwen, Derek Pike, Daisy Leoncio, and Betty Cortez.

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