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California Tacos


Tales of Tampa

Check out Tales of Tampa on the City of Tampa YouTube channel. Here you will find stories about the people and places that make Tampa one of the best cities in the nation. Find out how California Tacos to go is bringing San Diego style fish tacos to Tampa. Buttercup Pole Dancing is a combination of fitness and dance that has participants “dancing in the air”. Additional videos will introduce you to Author Debbie Lum, the Love Wall Tampa, the Raider Axe Lodge, and more. The Tales of Tampa Playlist features over 25 videos showcasing what makes Tampa a great community.

In The Know

Kenya heads to East Tampa to get a taste of Big John's Alabama BBQ. The family-owned restaurant is known throughout the city for its great food and friendly down-home feel. 2018 marks 50 years of service to the Tampa Bay area. Head on over to and scroll down to In The Know.

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