Josiah Ferris - 11th Mayor Of Tampa

Image of a Mayor of Tampa

Born: August 5, 1836

Term: January 1 1867 - March 1, 1869 (Acting Mayor)

Died: November 28, 1901

Born in Arkansas, Josiah Ferris was one of six children born to William and Elizabeth Ferris. The family moved to Tampa in 1841 where William initially worked as a paymaster at Fort Brooke and later established a general store near the fort. Josiah Ferris, along with his father, enlisted in the militia during the Third Seminole War (1855-1858) and, later, during the Civil War, serving in the 4th Florida Regiment. Prior to the Civil War, Josiah had become a business partner in his father's general store and cattle business, which they resumed after the war. Josiah also established a successful jewelry business in downtown Tampa.

In 1862, Josiah Ferris married Caroline Rhodes.  They had four children: John William, Josiah, Jr., Rawson and Allie. They were married for eight years when, following a brief illness, Caroline Ferris passed away on January 31, 1871. Afterward, Ferris married Maggie Knight, with whom he had two children: Thomas Lee and Ghira.

Ferris became involved in local politics following the Civil War and served as the President of Tampa's Council. After Clarke's quiet departure as mayor, Josiah Ferris served as acting mayor until March 1, 1869 when John T. Lesley was elected. Ferris returned to his business ventures but on August 14, 1877 campaigned for City Clerk and easily won. He remained in that position for nine years. Afterward, he returned to his law practice and business ventures.

Josiah Ferris died on November 28, 1901 in Tampa.


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