Harlan P. Lovering - 14th Mayor Of Tampa

Harlan Lovering

Born:  June 12, 1843

Died: August 6, 1924

Term: August 14, 1876 - August 14, 1877

Born in New Jersey, Harlan Lovering arrived in Tampa on business in 1872. At the request of his brother, the manager of the Dixie Pencil Company in New Jersey, Lovering came to assess the supply of cedar trees in Hillsborough County. Cedar was used to produce pencils and Lovering was interested in obtaining a large supply of the wood that could be shipped to New Jersey.

Impressed by the vast timber resources and financial opportunities offered by the area, Lovering purchased a sawmill on the Hillsborough River and expanded its operations to increase production. After the wood was cut, the logs were floated down the Hillsborough River where they were cut and packed, taken to the port and then shipped to New Jersey. In 1875, he opened a general store and the following year began exporting citrus to the north, both of which became profitable ventures. Lovering also co-owned a steamship which he used to transport foodstuffs and cedar to the north. Within a few years, he had become one of the leading businessmen in Tampa which lead to his involvement local civic activities and politics.

In August 1876, Lovering campaigned for mayor and was elected to a one-year term. While in office, he attempted to revitalize Tampa's business communuity, increase city revenues and improve services. He moved back to New Jersey and died Auguest 6, 1924.  

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