Example Utility Bill

A City of Tampa Utility bill includes charges for water, wastewater and solid waste services. Some City of Tampa customers may not receive all three of these services. Please consult your bill to determine which services are included on your account. 

Example City of Tampa Utility Bill
Example Utility Bill

The City of Tampa provides potable (drinking) water service to most of Tampa and parts of Hillsborough County and Temple Terrace. Use the City's Address Lookup feature, contact the Utilities Call Center at (813) 274-8811, or the individual utility department to determine service availability.


Number 1 icon Water Customer Class is determined by land use and/or the peak flow rates for commercial and industrial customers. There are separate water rate schedules and usage thresholds for Residential, Apartment, Commercial, Industrial and other non-residential classifications.

Number 2 icon Water Usage History displays the potable (drinking) water recorded by all meters for the account in the previous meter reading cycles; this is not the basis for your charges but is provided for informational purposes only. This history will not include reclaimed water use. The history is rounded to down in 1000 gallons increments for ease of comparison with common efficiency targets; example conversion: 8 ccf x 748 gallons per ccf = 5984 gallons = ~6 gallons (1000s)

Number 3 icon Recorded registered Meter Readings. The previous meter reading is subtracted from the current reading to determine the number of billing units used during the billing period.

Number 4 icon Water is billed in units called CCFs (100 cu. ft.). Each CCF is equal to 748 gallons of water.

Number 5 icon Charges for Reclaimed Water, if available.

Number 6 icon Potable (drinking) water charges at all Tier rates. Tampa's tier rate system was adopted to encourage efficient water use.

Number 7 icon Tampa Bay Water Pass-Through (TBW Pass-Through) is a surcharge to recover the difference between what the City pays to purchase additional water from Tampa Bay Water to meet customer needs and what it costs to produce water at our own facilities. The surcharge is passed on only during times when the City has had to buy water from Tampa Bay Water.

Number 8 icon Water Subtotal is the combined total of all water tier charges and the TBW Pass-Through charge. It reflects total potable water charges during the billing period.

Number 9 icon  Wastewater Charge is the charge for collection, treatment and disposal of sewage. For most customers this charge is based on metered flow through the water meter.

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