Clone of Rescue Division

"Committed to Excellence"

The Rescue Division of Tampa Fire Rescue is under the direct supervision of the Rescue Chief. The division is staffed by the Rescue Division Supervisor, Quality Management Officer, Special Events Coordinator, and two Emergency Safety Equipment Specialists. The Rescue Chief oversees 14 Advanced Life Support (ALS) rescue vehicles staffed by 49 Lieutenants, and 70 Paramedic/Drivers. The shift personnel are divided into three shifts. The three shifts rotate working twenty-four hours on duty and forty-eight hours off duty. The Rescue companies are able to perform Advanced Life Support procedures under the direction of a Medical Director. The Medical Director writes medical protocols and supervises training for all Tampa Fire Rescue personnel. 

Tampa Fire Rescue received its first ALS (Advance Life Support) License in August 1972. At that time five ALS transport units were placed in service. In 2006 an ALS rescue car was put into service at fire station #9 in West Tampa bringing the current total of ALS units serving the city to 14. There are also two paramedics assigned to Tampa International Airport who respond in a non-transport unit.

Tampa Fire Rescue provides all ALS transports within the city limits of Tampa. The Tampa Fire Dispatch Center instituted the Emergency Medical Dispatch System on October 1, 1995. Through the use of pre-established algorithms the dispatcher determines the type of Medical Emergency, level of call (Advanced Life Support or Basic Life Support), what equipment to dispatch, and pre-arrival instructions as necessary. 

  • In 2015, Tampa Fire Rescue responded to more than 75,000 calls for medical assistance.

  • Each ALS transport unit carries a variety of state-of-the-art life-saving equipment and medications.

  • All paramedics undergo more than 40 hours of continuing education every two year, exceeding State of Florida requirements.

  • Tampa Fire Rescue crews provide medical support for more than 1,100 special events in the city each year.
  • Rescue crews perform firefighting duties at scenes of structure fires.