Community Partnerships and Neighborhood Engagement Home

The Community Partnerships & Neighborhood Engagement -- formerly the Neighborhood & Community Relations Office -- is a division of the Neighborhood Empowerment Department and serves as the Mayor's main liaison to the neighborhood associations and as their voice at City Hall.  This division also works with all community partners and private entities to promote and build positive relationships that will showcase the City of Tampa as a desirable living and working environment.

  • Neighborhood Map - Your guide to obtaining neighborhood specific information including capital improvement projects, demographics, land use, maps, places of interest, association contacts, meetings, and more.
  • Neighborhood Registry - The Neighborhood Registry is the official list of active neighborhood associations within the City of Tampa. It also identifies other related agencies that receive courtesy notifications for neighborhood activities and events. 
  • Join Neighborhood Watch - Neighborhood Watch is volunteer citizens coming together in a neighborhood, communicating with each other and the police to reduce crime in the area they live.
  • Sign up for Alert Tampa -  Receive vital updates when a hurricane is threatening our city or about crime trends in your neighborhood. When you subscribe for emergency notifications, you'll also have the option of receiving informational alerts.