Cost Of Services And Process Improvement Studies

Process Improvement Studies

During 2008, the Construction Services Division partnered with MAXIMUS Management & Consulting to conduct a Cost of Services and Process Improvement Study. The results of this study have been the motivating force in our current fee schedule and a reorganization of our business.

Cost of Services Study

The purpose of this study was to analyze all of the cost associated with providing our services (intake processing, plan review and inspections) and develop a fee schedule that would equitably recuperate the City's cost of providing those services. Our goal over the next several years is to recuperate our cost of doing business and periodically adjust those cost and fees as deemed necessary.

Process Improvement Study

The purpose of this study was to identify ways to streamline our processes in order to provide cost savings to our customers resulting in delivering quicker turnaround of their plan review, permit issuance, and inspection experiences. This study has been the catalyst in documenting all of the Construction Services current work processes and identifying measures to modernize and simplify these processes.