Construction Services - Documents and Forms

Instructions and forms related to construction projects can be filled out electronically.

NOTE: Documents with an asterisk (*) appearing at the end of the name are required to be notarized by a Notary Public. Several Construction Services staff members are Notary Publics and will be happy to notarize these documents for you.

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Residential Trade Permit Application (PDF, 322 kb)
Residential-Commercial Review Guideᅠ(PDF 1153.32kb)
Retention Pond Area Detailᅠ(PDF, 187.10kb)
Roof Mitigation - Verification Affidavitᅠ(PDF, 562kb)
Roofing Permit Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 217.43kb)
Sidewalk In Lieu of Fee Applicationᅠ(PDF, 393.90kb)
Siding/Stucco Permit Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 222.74kb)
Sign Permit Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 219.90kb)
Site Plan Note Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 215.27kb)
Site Preparation Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 171.66kb)
Site Top Twenty Checklistᅠ(PDF, 235.71kb)
SLAB Foundation Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 219.36kb)
Solid Waste Permit Informationᅠ(PDF, 176.07kb)
Suspended Concrete Floor Section Detailᅠ(PDF, 277.35kb)
Swimming Pool/Spa Permit Requirementsᅠ(PDF, 225.39kb)
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Requirements* (PDF, 454.68kb)
Threshold Building Requirementsᅠᅠ(PDF, 226 kb)
Tree and Landscape Code Technical Manualᅠ(PDF, 1959.43kb)
Tree Removal and Pruning Permit Application (PDF, 320 kb)
Tree Removal and Site Clearing Statementᅠ(PDF, 231.51kb)
Tree Table (331.17kb)
Trees Which Do Not Require a Permit to Removeᅠ(PDF, 158.35kb)
Trimming and Removal of Grand Trees - Chapter 13ᅠᅠ(PDF, 231.06kb)
V-Zone Building Design & Performance Certificateᅠ(doc, 57kb)
Violation Code References - Signsᅠ(PDF, 54.45kb)
Violation Code References - Stormwaterᅠ(PDF, 58.17kb)
Violation Code References - Transportationᅠ (PDF, 57.12kb)
Violation Code References - Treesᅠ (PDF, 105.75kb)
Violation Code Referencesᅠ(PDF, 105.75kb)