Residential Tree Removal - Site Inspections

 InspectionsThe City of Tampa?s code states that no person shall cut down, remove, relocate, damage, or destroy any protected tree unless approved and permitted by the Construction Services Division. The Inspector will evaluate the tree to determine if it is a protected or non-protected species.

If the tree is determined to be non-protected a permit is not required. However if a tree evaluation permit has been applied for, an approved permit for removal will be generated by the inspector.

If the tree is determined to be protected species, the inspector will measure the tree to determine if it is a protected size or grand designation. Grand trees measure 34? or greater in width of trunk typically measured at 4.5? above the ground.

If it is determined that the tree is a Grand tree, the request to review it is forwarded in to the Parks Department?s for further processing. The inspector will leave a tree evaluation report explaining not to cut or trim the tree because further evaluation by the City of Tampa arborist at parks will be required.

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