Professional Plans Reviewer - Architect / Engineer

What will I do?

As a City of Tampa professional plans reviewer, you will lead the charge in helping Tampa’s biggest construction projects get off the ground. From towering, high rise commercial buildings in the downtown business district to residential homes lying in areas which face high-velocity storm surges, each project presents its own unique set of design challenges which must be reviewed by our plans review staff. Our plans reviewers work directly with the architects, engineers, and contractors involved in Tampa’s most ambitious builds, analyzing construction plans and providing guidance on these projects.

Do you enjoy a challenge, working in an environment in which each day presents a new, unique set of tasks? Our staff operates in an environment in which there is no “normal” day at the office. Our plan reviewers do it all, from analysis of mechanical, plumbing, and electrical blueprints to studying tree mitigation surveys in order to advise clients on how construction projects will affect the surrounding environment. Regardless of which exciting project you find yourself working on, as a City of Tampa plans reviewer your expertise will have a direct impact on Tampa’s growth as a community, as well as provide citizens with a city they can proudly proclaim as “home.”

Our plans reviewers have an extremely important job: Making sure all development within city limits is done safely according to the high standards set forth in the building codes. Throughout your career you will be provided with the latest in construction plan technology. You will also be a part of an expert team with decades of experience in the design and construction industry. Team members collaborate regularly, drawing on the expertise of one another to ensure the most complex projects go as smooth as possible. Begin an exciting career today and be a part of the team that is helping design professionals, contractors, and owners complete numerous projects taking place throughout the city.

What will I be paid?

The City of Tampa offers both a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package to its professional plans reviewers. Based on experience, skill, etc., candidates selected for these positions can expect to earn the following:

Prof Plans Reviewer IV: $59,800.00 - $89,668.80 a year

All City of Tampa employees enjoy a generous benefits package, which includes health, vision, dental, and life insurance; annual and sick leave, paid holidays, pension, and deferred compensation plans.

In addition to the City-wide employee benefits, professional plans reviewers also receive: Paid membership to professional organizations, reimbursement for trade certifications, paid registration to numerous workshops, seminars, and continuing educations courses, etc.

Do I qualify for one of these positions?

The ideal candidates for these positions should a) be recognized as a state licensed engineer, architect, or inspector and b) have significant experience in the design profession and building industry.

If you meet these criteria and are ready to jumpstart a rewarding career in the construction industry, we’d like to hear from you.

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