Development Services


To provide guidance and facilitation of construction projects through a coordinated multi-departmental approach that is responsive to our client's needs.

What is the role of the Development Services Coordinator?

The Development Services Coordinator, under the Planning and Development Administration Division, brings together employees from several City departments to coordinate and facilitate plan review, inspection, and permit services needs for builders, developers, and property owners.

The Development Services Coordinator is your point of contact in the City for project requirements, information and general status.  The Development Services Coordinator will facilitate your project by coordinating appropriate project review meetings, helping clarify and resolve code issues, as well as develop and monitor overall project schedule.

Our cross-departmental team includes approximately 30 staff members from the following departments:  Growth Management and Development Services, Construction Services, Land Development Coordination, Transportation, Wastewater, Solid Waste, Water, Parks and Recreation, Fire Rescue, Historic Preservation & Urban Design.

You can still call any member of your review team directly; they will still have to answer questions concerning plan review on specific items such as Building Code, Municipal Code, and other localize policies and procedures.

A Development Services Coordinator will be assigned, based on the complexity and type of project.  For more information on this new service, please call (813) 274-3100.