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511 Tampa Bay Travel Information (State of Florida) 673 Travelers can dial 511 to access current information for specific Tampa Bay area routes and roadway segments, including anticipated travel delays, traffic accidents, roadway blockages and lane closures. The website also incorporates motion images from traffic cameras, e-mail alerts, links to stakeholder websites, public transportation information and customer feedback.
Abandoned or Inoperative Vehicle Complaint 95 Use this service to report an abandoned or inoperative vehicle.

Any vehicle that cannot be legally driven on the street is considered an inoperative vehicle. This means that the vehicle must have a current license plate and must be operational.
Accounting 100 Use this service for general correspondence to Accounting. The Accounting Office of the Department of Revenue and Finance administers the general ledger; processes payroll records; maintains accounts receivable and payable; controls reimbursements and interdepartmental billings; and is responsible for investing City funds as well as negotiating bond issues. Additionally its personnel are responsible for balancing utility accounts; providing property control and central cashiering services; producing financial reports: and administering the City's pension fund.
Accumulated Junk, Trash or Debris on Private Property 113 Use this service to report accumulated junk, trash or debris that occurs on private property.

Things such as lawn mowers, concrete blocks, lumber, and buckets for example should be stored away in a storage building or garage. At the very least, they may not be visible from the street and should be behind a fence or wall.
Address Not Posted / Not Visible 332 Use this service to report buildings that are missing their addresses.
Adobe Reader (Adobe Systems Inc) 484 Use this service to link to the Adobe site to download the free Adobe Reader portable document format file viewer.
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) - Accommodations Request 823

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) and Florida law, the City of Tampa will provide reasonable accommodations to any person with a disability who needs an accommodation in order to attend any City of Tampa public hearing or meeting of a body, board, or magistrate acting in its official capacity on behalf of the City of Tampa. To ensure that your request for accommodation can be considered, please ensure that the City of Tampa’s ADA Coordinator receives your request at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled public hearing or meeting by using one of the following methods to submit your request:

(a) filling out the form below
(b) by phone at (813) 274-3964
(c) by e-mail at or
(d) by mail to the City of Tampa ADA Coordinator, 306 E. Jackson Street, 280A4N, Tampa, Florida 33602.

Please note that the City of Tampa may not be able to accommodate any request received less than 48 hours before the scheduled public hearing or meeting.

Animal Noise Nuisance Complaint 827

Use this service to file a verified animal noise nuisance complaint online. A violation of this section occurs when an owner, or any person having custody allows or fails to restrain an animal from making a sound common to the species, occurring persistently and continuously for a period of twenty (20) minutes or longer (persistently or continuously shall mean nonstop utterances for 20 consecutive minutes with individual interruptions of less than 20 seconds at a time during the 20-minute utterances). A complaint must be verified, which means the complainant meets the requirements of the Section 19-77(c). Complaints that do not meet the submission requirements of section 19-77(c) or do not reasonably constitute a violation will be closed without further action. Enforcement action may be commenced if a code enforcement officer has reasonable cause to believe that the owner or person having custody of the animal has committed a violation of Section 19-77(c).

In order to qualify as an animal noise nuisance, you must attest that the violation meets with section 19-77 (c) Tampa City code, which can be found on website

Animal Services (Hillsborough County) 110 Use this service to contact the Hillsborough County Department of Animal Services.
Anonymous (Arson) Tips to the Fire Marshal 61 Use this service to report anonymous (arson) tips to the Fire Marshal. Rewards of up to $2,500 or more are available for information leading to the identification of persons involved in arson fires.

Please use the form below to send information you might have about any arson. While you may remain anonymous, we ask that you be as specific as you can about dates, times, and locations of fires, and the information that you feel is important for investigators.
Anonymous Crime Tips to the Police 68 Use this service to report anonymous crime tips to the Tampa Police Department.
Please use the form below to send information you might have about a crime or highly suspicious activity. While you may remain anonymous, we ask that you be as specific as you can about dates, times, and locations of crime activities, and the information that that you feel is important for investigators.
Architectural Review Commission Public Hearing Agendas 658 View Historic Preservation Development Review Committee Agendas.
Archives 151 Use this service for general correspondence to the City of Tampa Archives; your research center for the history and development of the municipal government of the City of Tampa.
Arrest Inquiry (Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office) 465 The Sheriffs Office provides arrest inquiries online for Hillsborough County.
Art Programs 38 Use this service for general correspondence to Art Programs. Art Programs promotes the involvement of artists in projects throughout the city to enhance the physical environment and celebrate Tampa's unique character and identity.
Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants (University of South Florida) 622 The Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants provides a source of information including maps for the distribution of plants within the state. Florida, with over 4,100 species of native or naturalized ferns and seed plants, is the third most floristically diverse state in the United States.

Records are based on collections in the four major Florida institutional herbaria having the largest holdings of Florida plants: University of Florida, Florida State University, Fairchild Tropical Gardens, and University of South Florida. Additional records include specimens in the herbaria of the New York Botanical Garden, Harvard University, and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
Attorney General (State of Florida) 538 Use this service to connect to the Office of Attorney General for the State of Florida . The Attorney General is the constitutional, statewide elected official who serves as the attorney for the State of Florida. The Attorney General is responsible for the enforcement of state consumer protection and antitrust laws as well as civil prosecution of criminal racketeering. In the area of criminal law, the Attorney General represents the State when those convicted appeal their convictions, including capital murder cases.
Auto Tag / License Plate Registration Renewal (State of Florida) 245 Use this service to renew your State of Florida vehicle registration (license plate, disabled parking placard, mobile home or vessel); renew your vehicle registration and change your registration address.
Banquet Hall Rental: Seminole Garden Center 495 Use this service to inquire about the availability of the Seminole Garden Center for a catered event or meeting. Rental rates for this facility, with a maximum capacity of 100, starts at $100 per hour with a 4-hour minimum, an attendant fee of $25 per hour, and a $100 refundable damage deposit.

NOTE: This is NOT a reservation, ONLY a request.

If you would like to inquiry on our Ragan Park Community Center, please call 813-242-5316.

Barrio Latino Commission (BLC) 527 Use this service to contact the Architectural Review Commission and/or the Barrio Latino Commission for enforcement of established Historic Districts and Landmarks which have been previously designated. For more information and to answer many of your questions, view Architectural Review for Historic Preservation/BLC.
Barrio Latino Commission Public Hearing Agendas 660 View Barrio Latino Commission Public Hearing Agendas.
Bay Area Commuter Services (Florida Department of Transportation) 508 Use this service as a resource center for commute options, whether you are a commuter, employer, developer or government agency.
Bay Area Vanpool (Florida Department of Transportation) 509 Use this service for vanpool information in the Tampa Bay area.
Benefits (US Gov't) 303 Use this service to help find government benefits you may be eligible to receive. The online screening tool is free, easy-to-use, and completely confidential. You answer a series of questions about yourself, and then returns a list of government benefit programs you may be eligible to receive along with information about how you can apply.
Bids and RFP's 521 Use this service to obtain current information about doing business with the City of Tampa’s Purchasing Department, select the link that most accurately describes your request. How to become a registered vendor with the City of Tampa - The City of Tampa utilizes the services of DemandStar for maintenance of the vendor system. To register, please contact them at either DemandStar website or 1-800-711-1712. Once registered, you will receive bid notifications and be able to download bid documents, addenda and bid tabulations.

How to receive City of Tampa Bids

How to obtain Bid Award results

Contact a Buyer for a Bid/RFP request
Budget 101 Use this service for general correspondence to the Budget Office. The Budget Division of the Revenue and Finance Department prepares revenue and expenditures projections, budget instructions and target budgets. The division also controls expenditures within approved appropriations, prepares budget resolutions, adjustments, budget-related briefings and summaries, and administers the Community Development Block Grant program.
Building / Structural Violation Complaint 114 Use this service to report a structural violation complaint. This includes buildings with such conditions as peeling paint, broken windows, roof damage, and/or abandoned properties.

Report building renovations and/or construction without permits here.
Building Contractors (Hillsborough County) 373 Use this service to research licensed building contractors in Hillsborough County.
Business and Professional Licenses (State of Florida) 250 Use this service to link to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation's (DBPR) online license search.

DBPR licenses approximately one out of every 16 citizens of Florida, so it is hard to live in or visit Florida without being touched by DBPR. Whether you are dining in one of Florida's 37,000 restaurants, getting your haircut, visiting a racetrack, buying real estate, or riding an escalator, DBPR is changing the way you interact with state government.
Business Tax 102 Use this service for general correspondence to Business Tax. The Business Tax Division is part of the City of Tampa's Neighborhood Empowerment Department, and is responsible for the issuance and collection for all Business Tax Receipts under Chapter 24 of the City's code.
Business Tax Records Inquiries 211 Use this service to access Business Tax Receipt records as administered and maintained by the City of Tampa for businesses with a paid business tax receipt for the current fiscal year ending September 30th.
Business Tax Renewal Online Payment Questions 189 Use this service for questions about renewing/paying for your business tax, rental certificates or foreclosed property registrations.
Business Tax Renewal Online Payments 192 Use this service to renew/pay your business tax, including rental certificates.
Business Watch Applications 767 Use this service to submit a Tampa Police Business Watch Application.
Cable TV Payments (Bright House Networks) 270 Use this service to access Bright House Networks online payment options.
Carpool Tampa ( 511 Use this service to find transportation to any location worldwide, share tolls, start vanpooling / ridesharing.
Carpools and Vanpools (Bay Area Commuter Services) 507 Use this service to find carpools and vanpools for destinations in the Tampa Bay area.
Cemetery Inquiries 181 Use this service to contact the cemetery coordinator with questions about City owned cemeteries.
Cemetery Records Search 212 Use this service to access the cemetery records search service for locating decedents in the cemeteries maintained by the City of Tampa.
Channel District / Downtown Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) 604 Use this service for general correspondence to Channel District / Downtown Community Redevelopment Area (CRA).
Chief of Staff 52 Use this service for general correspondence to the Chief of Staff.

The Chief of Staff is responsible for coordinating and integrating the efforts of all departments and agencies in the City to implement the programs directed by the Mayor and the policies developed by the City Council. He also has direct supervisory responsibility for the Human Resources, Logistics & Asset Management, Purchasing, and Technology & Innovation Departments, and coordination of major events.
Child Support Payments (MyFlorida County) 297 Use this service to pay child support online. The services are available for all child support cases that are facilitated by the Florida State Disbursement Unit (SDU), Florida Clerks of Court, or Florida Department of Revenue.
City Attorney 53 Use this service for general correspondence to the City Attorney. The City Attorney is the official legal representative of the City and cannot provide legal advice to the public. It is the City Attorney's duty to take the management, charge and control of all the legal business of the City and to be, in regard to all municipal affairs, the legal advisor of the Mayor, the City Council and the committees thereof, and all of the department heads, officers and boards of the City. The City Attorney provides, when required, written or verbal opinions of law to the aforesaid, upon any subject in which the City is interested. In addition, the City Attorney prosecutes and defends the City's interest before courts and boards.
City Charter and Ordinances (Municipal Code Corp) 246 Use this service to view Tampa's municipal codes published by the Municipal Code Corporation.
City Clerk 54 Use this service for general correspondence to the City Clerk. The publication of legal notices, recording of official documents with appropriate agencies, and indexing of City cemetery burials is the responsibility of the City Records Division within the City Clerk's Office.

The proceedings of every City Council meeting are recorded by the Documentation of City Records Division of the City Clerk's Office. This Division is also responsible for preparing City Council agendas; indexing local laws, ordinances, resolutions, agreements, and deeds; updating and distributing supplements to the City Code; and maintaining current appointments to City boards and committees, City and State financial disclosure statements and executive orders.
City Council 43 Use this service for general correspondence to all City Council members. The Tampa City Council is a legislative branch of City Government and operates in accordance with the provisions of the 1974 Revised Charter of the City of Tampa. The City Council is responsible for enacting ordinances and resolutions that the Mayor of Tampa administers as chief executive officer.

To direct your message to only one specific Council member, select one of the links below.
City Council Action Agendas 235 Use this service to view actions and resulting plans from Tampa City Council meetings.
City Council All (Internal Use Only) 675 Use this service to forward or share requests with all City Council members.
City Council and other meeting agendas 558 Use this service to access City Council and other public meeting agendas.
City Council Calendar 239 Use this service to view a calendar listing the meeting schedule for the Tampa City Council.