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Water Taste Concern Use this service to report water that has a bad taste. Please note that the plumbing in your home may affect the taste of your water. If you are new to Tampa, you may still be used to the “taste” of “flavor” of the water you had before. In fact, water actually does not have a taste. The taste comes from dissolved minerals in the water. The source of the water will determine the degree of naturally occurring minerals that can give rise to slightly different tastes. That is why water from different areas tastes different. Tampa’s primary water source is the Hillsborough River. Surface water may sometimes have a flat, earthy taste instead of the slightly metallic taste typically associated with ground water.
Water Use Restrictions Violation Notification Use this service to report a water use violation, or you may call the Water Use Violation Hotline at (813)274-8036 and leave a detailed message.

You may remain anonymous but please provide the violation address, time of the violation, and the nature of the violation (i.e. watering on a non-watering day, watering during non-watering time, etc.). To hear a recorded summary of water use restrictions call the Water Conservation Hotline at (813)274-8032, or view the current water use restrictions.

The water use restrictions apply to all customers, residential and commercial, located inside Tampa city limits, and to all water sources, including wells and surface waters. Violating these restrictions may result in a fine of up to $500 and a mandatory court appearance.

Water use restrictions for residents of unincorporated Hillsborough County, located inside the Tampa Water Department's water service area are enforced by the Hillsborough County Water Department.
Web Site Administrator Use this service for general correspondence to the web site administrator.

To request a web site change or enhancement, please use the web site enhancement request service.

To report a web site problem, please use the web site problem notification service.

For MyTampaGov comments, suggestions or problems, please use the MyTampaGov feedback service.

This web site, the City of Tampa Internet site, (also known as,,, and, is provided as a service to the citizens of Tampa, Florida and to the general public.
Web Site Enhancement Request Use this service to request changes to the TampaGov web site.
Web Site Problem Notification Use this service to report a problem with the TampaGov web site.
Weekly View Newsletter Correspondence Use this service for questions or comments about Weekly View newsletter subscriptions.
West Tampa CRA Use this service for general correspondence to West Tampa CRA
Wet Zoning Inquiries Use this service for questions about the application process for permanent, temporary, and extension wet zonings. Related procedures are directly accessible via "Guidelines for Submitting and Processing Wet Zoning Applications".
Windows Media Player (Microsoft Corp) Use this service to connect to the Microsoft web site to download the Windows Media Player.
Yard Waste Pickup Schedule Use this service to view the Yard Waste Pickup Schedule for an address that you provide.
Ybor City Development Corporation (CRA) Use this service for general correspondence to the Ybor City Development Corporation. The Ybor City Development Corporation (YCDC) is a not-for-profit Florida corporation created in October 4, 1988, by the Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Tampa to promote redevelopment in the Ybor City Area. YCDC is the City’s primary vehicle for planning, promoting development, and assisting with the redevelopment of Ybor City through public and private sector offices.
YCDC Correspondence Use this service for questions or comments about Ybor City Development Corporation newsletter subscriptions.
Zoning Change Proposal Notifications Use this service to register as a participating organization for notification when zoning changes are proposed in neighborhood areas in which you are interested. Petitioners for zoning changes may also use this service to obtain a listing of organizations to whom they must mail a notice of the proposed zoning change.
Zoning District Regulations Questions Use this service to submit general questions regarding code requirements for your property.
Zoning Violations Use this service to submit questions about or report violations to the City's Zoning code, such as violations of the height limits, setback encroachments, or illegal uses.