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Windows Media Player (Microsoft Corp) 548 Use this service to connect to the Microsoft web site to download the Windows Media Player.
Yard Waste Pickup Schedule 809 Use this service to view the Yard Waste Pickup Schedule for an address that you provide.
Ybor City Development Corporation (CRA) 94 Use this service for general correspondence to the Ybor City Development Corporation. The Ybor City Development Corporation (YCDC) is a not-for-profit Florida corporation created in October 4, 1988, by the Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Tampa to promote redevelopment in the Ybor City Area. YCDC is the City’s primary vehicle for planning, promoting development, and assisting with the redevelopment of Ybor City through public and private sector offices.
YCDC Correspondence 789 Use this service for questions or comments about Ybor City Development Corporation newsletter subscriptions.
Zoning Change Proposal Notifications 710 Use this service to register as a participating organization for notification when zoning changes are proposed in neighborhood areas in which you are interested. Petitioners for zoning changes may also use this service to obtain a listing of organizations to whom they must mail a notice of the proposed zoning change.
Zoning District Regulations Questions 333 Use this service to submit general questions regarding code requirements for your property.
Zoning Violations 338 Use this service to submit questions about or report violations to the City's Zoning code, such as violations of the height limits, setback encroachments, or illegal uses.