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Fire Rescue Calls for Service Map 601 Use this service to view a map of Tampa Fire Rescue calls for service.
Fire Rescue Personnel Compliments/Complaints 305 Use this service to report exceptional as well as discourteous treatment by Fire Rescue personnel.
Fire Rescue Privacy Officer 404 Use this service to direct inquiries to the Fire Rescue Privacy Officer
Fire Rescue Public Education 179 Use this service to contact the Fire Public Education office to learn about Fire Safety or to schedule a Fire Safety event for your school, community group, corporate setting, or staff training.
Fire Rescue Service Questions 310 Use this service to inquire about billing issues, last inspection dates, re-inspections, false alarms, or LP gas accounts.
Fire Station Questions 311 Use this service to request information about Fire Stations ONLY.

For more definitive questions about Fire hydrants contact the Water department .

Fire Watch Personnel Request 309 Use this service to request Fire Watch personnel. The Fire Marshal may require the employ of one or more experienced Inspectors to be on duty at public assemblies or any other places where people congregate. Inspectors shall be in uniform and remain on duty during the time such places are open to the public or while the activity is being conducted.

1. The following information is required for Fire Watch Services: Employer Name, Event Name, Date

2. Note there is a 3 hour minimum charge. Hourly rates apply.
-Fire Watch $32.66/hr
-Supervisor $38.27/hr
-Short Notice Fire Watch Hours (within 24 hours of event) $48.99
-Equipment/Supplies $ as required

3. Please process payment on a check separate from other payments (i.e. Police Extra Duty, Utility Bills, etc.) and mail within 30 days to:
City of Tampa Fire - Extra Duty
Banking & Debt Managemet - 050c2
315 E. Kennedy Blvd
Tampa, FL 33602

Firefighters Museum 177 Use this service to send general correspondence to the Tampa Firefighters Museum.
Flash Player (Adobe) 544 Use this service to connect to the Adobe web site to download the Flash Player.
Fleet Maintenance Service Request 437 Use this service if you have questions about the City's Fleet Maintenance program.
Flood Maps (Hillsborough County) 623 Use this service to access the Hillsborough County Flood Map Project and related links.
Flooding Issues 130 Use this service to report all flooding caused by rainwater draining from a city street into a house or yard.

Please indicate the exact location (On street name and the two nearest intersecting street names) of your concern in order to expedite the investigation.

You may also contact us via telephone 24-Hours a day at (813) 274-3101.
Florida Do Not Call Program (State of Florida) 519 Use this service to subscribe to the Florida Do Not Call Program. Florida residents who do not wish to receive sales calls may have their residential, mobile or paging device telephone number included on this list.
Florida Statute - Chapter 119 (Public Records) 460 Use this service to visit the Florida Senate website to view the Florida Statute governing Public Records
Foreclosed Property Registration Application 690 This Foreclosure Registry Application Form is the first step in applying for registration of a foreclosed property in the City of Tampa. A possible on-site inspection may be required. If you need assistance completing this form, contact (813) 274-8751. Additional information...

NOTE: All required fields are marked by an asterisk. Use NA for any fields that are not pertinent to your request.
Foreclosed Property Registration Payments 692 Use this service to pay for a foreclosed property registration.
Foreclosed Property Registration Payments 693 Use this service to pay for a foreclosed property registration.
Free or Discounted Medicines and Prescription Drugs (Partnership for Prescription Assistance) 671 This prescription assistance program was created to make it easier for low-income uninsured individuals to get free or nearly free prescription medicines through existing patient assistance programs. After some basic information is provided related to prescription medicines, income, and current prescription medicine coverage, this service will identify what patient assistance programs you may be eligible for.
Garbage (blue) or Recycling (green) Cart Request 820 Use this service to report a damaged or missing cart. Residential customers are limited to one (1) garbage and one (1) recycling cart per household.
General Employees Retirement Fund 395 Use this service to request information about the General Employees Retirement Fund
General Employees Retirement Fund Board of Trustees (Pension) Meeting Minutes 654 View minutes for meetings of the General Employees Retirement Fund Board of Trustees (General Employees Pension).
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Correspondence 579 Use this service for general correspondence to the Geographic Information Systems team. The GIS Group also has a significant amount of data available for downloading.
GovEngine ( 568 Use this service to find the official sites for federal, state, and local governments.
Government Employment (Hillsborough County) 243 Use this service for information about classified and unclassified job opportunities through Hillsborough County government.
Government Employment (State of Florida) 244 Use this service for State of Florida employment information through
Government Employment (US Gov't) 370 Use this service to locate United States Federal Government jobs and employment information.
Graffiti Removal 146 Use this service to report graffiti on public property. The City of Tampa has a zero tolerance policy for graffiti and is committed to removing graffiti within 24-48 hours of it being reported.
Green Tampa 679

Use this service to ask specific questions about Green Tampa or general correspondence to the Green Office. Before submitting your inquiry, you may want to visit our website for information about our services.

For questions/information about becoming a green vendor or to provide information on products and services: Vendors

Would you like a "Green" speaker for your next event? Submit your request

Green Tampa Speaker Request 680 Use this service to request a "Green Tampa" speaker for your next event.
Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator (United States Environmental Protection Agency) 669 Did you ever wonder what reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by one million metric tons means in everyday terms? The EPA online equivalency calculator can help you understand just that.

The Environmental Protection Agency online calculator lets individuals, government agencies and companies translate greenhouse gas reduction estimates into everyday terms. The Greenhouse Gas Equivalences Calculator converts carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, typically presented in million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents, into terms such as number of cars per year, barrels of oil or gasoline, or energy for a number of homes per year. The calculator also converts emission metrics into tanker trucks' worth of gasoline, trees per acre, waste recycling or electricity generated from coal-fired power plants for a year. Users can enter savings in emissions, electricity consumption, gallons of gasoline or number of vehicles into the greenhouse gas calculator and generate up to 13 different ways to express the magnitude of the savings. The calculator uses the agency's Emissions and Generation Resource Integrated Database (eGRID). That database converts kilowatt-hours of electricity generation into units of carbon dioxide emissions. The eGRID contains a comprehensive environmental performance record of electric power systems nationwide. It uses plant-specific data for all U.S. electricity generating plants that provide power to the electric grid. The agency's eGRID system contains air emissions data for nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and mercury. The latest version, eGRID2006 Version 2.1, includes data up to 2004, the latest available, EPA said in a statement announcing the online calculator's launch. Utilities and other companies that own electricity generating plants report data on fuel consumption, generation, and emissions, along with plant identification, location, and structural information to the EPA. The eGRID data covers almost all the electricity generating units nationwide. The system also allows users to sort the emissions, generation and rate data by state, electric generating company, parent company, power control area, eGRID subregion, power pool and U.S. total levels. The EPA developed the calculator to help individuals and organizations reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, develop reduction targets and accurately publicize pollution reduction strategies. EPA’s online tool shows that if a typical household switched all its incandescent light bulbs to Energy Star qualified compact fluorescent bulbs, it would save about 75 percent of its lighting electricity use, or about 1,463 kWh a year. After five years, these savings are equivalent to conserving 530 gallons of gasoline or recycling 1.6 tons of waste.

Greenways, Trails and Blueways Inquiries 182 Use this service to obtain more information about the City's efforts in creating greenways and trails as well as blueways which include water trails, canoe and/or kayak trails, and paddling trails.
Health Related Licenses and Permits (State of Florida) 252 Use this service to link to The Florida Department of Health.
Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Public Records (State of Florida) 259 Use this service to access information from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles databases.
Historic Preservation 87 Use this service to contact Architectural Review for enforcement of established Historic Districts and Landmarks (previously designated). For more information and the answer to many of your questions, view the Division of Historic Preservation pages.

The City of Tampa has a rich diverse, dynamic history that can be traced through our historic structures. These structures display a variety of architectural detail and uses that collectively build distinct neighborhoods and cultural areas. Many of these areas have been recognized and designated as historic districts. Each district has a period of historical significance, the time when most of the historic structures within the district were constructed. These structures are classified as "contributing". Individual structures that have historic significance that are not located within a historic district are classified as "landmark structures".

Historic Preservation Commission 459 Use this service to inquire about or request new designation of historic landmark and district.

The Historic Preservation Commission's mission is to recommend designations, conservation districts and historic districts. The HPC is eager to access Tampa's historic resources and has incorporated into its work plan the goal to systematically survey and hopefully, protect previously unsurveyed areas of the city.

For more information and the answer to many of your questions, view the Division of Historic Preservation pages.

Historic Preservation Commission Public Hearing Agendas 661 View Historic Preservation Commission Public Hearing Agendas.
Hospital Compare (US Gov't) 520 Use this service to obtain information on how well the hospitals in your area care for all their adult patients with certain medical conditions.
Housing and Community Development Division 439 Use this service to obtain information on affordable housing opportunities.

Note: The City of Tampa has no rental properties. All rental assistance programs in the city of Tampa are handled by the Tampa Housing Authority a separate, federal agency. If you have questions or concerns regarding rental units or the Section 8 program, contact the Tampa Housing Authority at (813) 253-0551 or thru the website
Human Resources 32 Use this service for general correspondence to Human Resources. The Director of Human Resources is responsible for the divisions of Employee Relations, Employment Services, Risk Management and Central Services.
Hunting and Fishing Licenses (State of Florida) 253 Use this service to purchase your hunting or fishing license over the internet.
Hurricane Evacuation Zones 638 Use this service to find your hurricane evacuation zone and other important information.
Identity Theft Resource and Response Center (State of Florida) 450 Victims of identity theft should review Florida's Identity Theft Victim Kit, an all-in-one resource that provides victims with specific instructions for filing a police report and beginning to clear their names.
Illegal Dumping or Accumulations on Rights-of-Way/Alleyways 557 Use this service to report illegal dumping or accumulated junk, trash, debris on publc rights-of-way or alleyways within the City of Tampa limits.

Team Up to Clean Up Tampa
The presence of illegal dumps results in a decrease of neighborhood property values.
Illegal or Snipe Sign Complaint 90 Use this service to report a code violation related to the posting of an illegal sign, improper placement of signs (snipe signs) in the rights-of-way, attachments to utility poles or on trees, shrubs or plants.
Improper Drainage or Backup Issues 141 Use this service to report improper drainage of drainage ditches, pipes, inlets, manholes, or culvert pipes.

Please indicate the exact location (On street name and the two nearest intersecting street names) of your concern in order to expedite the investigation.

You may also contact us via telephone 24-Hours a day at (813) 274-3101.
Insurance Licenses (State of Florida) 254 Use this service to access the online application system for the Bureau of Agent and Agency Licensing. You may apply for a license, re-examination, duplicate license, or make a name/address change.
Intangible Personal Property Tax (State of Florida) 372 Use this service to file and pay the State of Florida Intangible Personal Property Tax. Several options exist including: filing corporate, partnership, and fiduciary returns; filing individual and joint returns; submiting a zero tax due notification; and applying for an extension of time to file.
Intergovernmental Relations 62

Use this service for general correspondence to Intergovernmental Relations. Intergovernmental Relations supports the Mayor, Executive Staff and City Departments. The office coordinates legislative activities, advocate's the City of Tampa's interests with the federal and state government and other public entities. The department also promotes favorable legislative, funding and regulatory decisions.

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State and Federal agencies
The Hillsborough County Legislative Delegation
Interlocal Agreement Payments 794 This service allows you to make a payment for a City of Tampa Interlocal Agreement.
Internal Audit 63 Use this service for general correspondence to Internal Audit.