The Department of Revenue and Finance ensures the financial stability of the city by managing all financial functions in an efficient, cost-effective and responsive manner.
The Department of Revenue and Finance is responsible for managing the City's financial matters.
The City of Tampa assesses municipal public services tax on the purchase of electricity, metered natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas either metered or bottled, manufactured gas either metered or bottled, and water service, pursuant to Chapter 166.231, Florida Stat
Revenue and Finance306 East Jackson Street  Tampa, Florida 33602 Phone: (813) 274-8151 Fax: (813) 274-8127
A franchise agreement is negotiated between the City and an entity (usually a utility) that wishes to place private facilities in the public rights-of-way in order to facilitate provision of utility services to itself or its customers.  These agreements detail the rules by which an entity is allo
Fuel Oil Buyers Exempt Form