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  • Accounting

    Lee Huffstutler, Chief Accountant

    The Accounting Division of the Department of Revenue and Finance administers the general ledger; processes payroll records; maintains accounts receivable and payable; controls reimbursements and interdepartmental billings; and is responsible for investing City funds as well as negotiating bond issues. 

  • ADA Compliance and Accessibility

    Raquel Pancho, ADA Coordinator

    The City of Tampa is fully committed to providing equitable access to the City’s programs and services.  The ADA Coordinator facilitates the City’s efforts to ensure compliance under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ADA Amendments (ADAA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. The mission is to ensure the City’s services and programs are accessible to persons with disabilities. 

  • Architectural Review and Historic Preservation

    Dennis Fernandez, Architectural Review & Historic Preservation Manager

    Architectural Review and Historic Preservation is a division of the Planning and Development Department. The Architectural Review and Historic Preservation Division identifies, preserves and promotes historically significant buildings, sites, objects and districts for the educational, cultural and economic benefit of the community, in addition to ensuring responsible new development throughout the city.  

  • Art and Cultural Programs

    Robin Nigh, Manager

    The Art Programs Division develops and provides free access to artistic excellence. The division facilitates the creation of art representative of the character and identity of Tampa to major public-use projects and to heighten Tampa's reputation and visibility both regionally and nationally as a city culturally aware and supportive of the arts.

  • Budget

    Michael Perry, Budget Officer

    The Budget Division of the Revenue and Finance Department prepares revenue and expenditures projections, budget instructions and target budgets. The division controls expenditures within approved appropriations, prepares budget resolutions, adjustments, budget-related briefings and summaries, and administers the Community Development Block Grant program.

  • Business Tax

    Joe Papy, Business Tax Supervisor

    The Business Tax Division is part of the City of Tampa's Department of Neighborhood Empowerment Department and is responsible for the issuance and collection for all Business Tax Receipts under the authority of Chapter 24 of the City of Tampa Code.

  • Chief of Staff

    John Bennett, Chief of Staff

    The Chief of Staff for the City of Tampa is responsible for coordinating and integrating the efforts of all departments and agencies to implement the programs directed by the mayor and the policies developed by the City Council. He also has direct supervisory responsibility for the Human Resources, Logistics and Asset Management, Purchasing, and Technology and Innovation Departments, the ADA Coordinator and Youth Development Coordinator, as well as administration of major events.

  • City Attorney

    Gina K. Grimes, City Attorney

    The City Attorney's Office is cognizant of all legal affairs of the City of Tampa. In the capacity as the official legal representative of the City, it is the City Attorney's responsibility to take the management, charge and control of all the legal business of the City and to be, in regard to all municipal affairs, the legal advisor to the Mayor, the City Council and the committees thereof, and all of the department heads, officers and boards of the City.

    Tampa, FL 33602

    Phone: 813-274-8996813-274-8996

    Fax: 813-274-8809 or 813-274-5908

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  • City Clerk

    Shirley Foxx-Knowles, City Clerk / Sandra Marshall, Suling Lucas, Deputy City Clerk

    The City Clerk’s Office provides administrative support in preparing meeting agendas, recordings, minutes, and legal notices for City Council, Administration, Civil Services, Community Redevelopment Agency, Public Nuisance Abatement Board, Code Enforcement Board, Citizen Review Board, and Charter Review Board meetings.

  • City Council

    City Council is the legislative branch of City government and operates in accordance with the provisions of the 1974 Revised Charter of the City of Tampa. It is responsible for enacting ordinances and resolutions that the Mayor of Tampa administers as chief executive officer.

    District 1 - Joseph Citro
    District 2 - Charlie Miranda
    District 3 - John Dingfelder
    District 4 - Bill Carlson
    District 5 - Orlando Gudes
    District 6 - Guido Maniscalco
    District 7 - Luis Viera

  • City of Tampa Utilities

    Elias J. Franco, Manager

    City of Tampa Utilities is managed by the Water Department's Distribution and Consumer Services Division. Most of the City's utility customers receive a consolidated monthly bill for three utility services: water, wastewater (sewer) and solid waste (refuse and recycling). The Division reads over 140,000 water meters in a 211 square mile service area, and prepares and mails bills monthly.

  • Community Partnerships & Neighborhood Engagement

    Miray Holmes, Manager

    The Community Partnerships & Neighborhood Engagement (formerly the Neighborhood & Community Relations Office), is a division of the Neighborhood Empowerment Department and serves as the Mayor's main liaison to the neighborhood associations and as their voice at City Hall. This division also works with all community partners and private entities to promote and build positive relationships that will showcase the City of Tampa as a desirable living and working environment       

  • Construction Services Division

    Dave Jennings, Construction Services Center Manager (Interim)

    Construction Services, a division of the Planning and Development Department, is a one-stop shop for all construction permit and inspection needs. The division reviews construction plans, issues permits, and performs inspections to ensure building projects are built safely and in compliance with state and local codes and regulations helping to create a vibrant, livable, and safe-built community. 

  • Contract Administration

    Michael W. Chucran, P.E., Director

    Contract Administration Department prepares and manages contracts for professional and construction services, including but not limited to, planning and design, contract execution, and construction phase administration, for City of Tampa capital construction projects. Please email technical questions to

  • Convention Center and Tourism

    Una Garvey, Director

    The Convention Center and Tourism Department is responsible for generation of economic impact through the operation of Tampa Convention Center. The facility is a world-class event space located on the beautiful Tampa River Walk in the heart of downtown within walking distance of all the major hotels and restaurants in the core area. The Center features a 200,000-square-foot exhibit hall with 39 flexible meeting rooms and a ballroom accommodating up to 2,000 guests for dining, presentations and more. Also on premise is The Sail which serves refreshing beverages to convention delegates and locals alike with 360 degree panoramic views of our waterfront marina along the historic Hillsborough River. 

  • Digital Media Production

    Tom Dea, Manager
    Digital Media Production, a division of Marketing and Communications, creates social media highlighting Tampa’s people, places and events, provides video support for city departments, and maintains the City of Tampa Television channel, providing residents with quality programming including live coverage of Tampa City Council and other zoning boards.

  • Economic and Urban Development

    Economic and Urban Development is responsible for coordinating and directing citywide redevelopment initiatives, community planning and marketing redevelopment opportunities to the private sector using professional staff and consulting resources. 

  • Emergency Management

    Chauncia Willis, Emergency Coordinator

    Emergency Management has taken a practical, no-nonsense approach to all-hazards emergency planning, which includes threats from hurricanes and other weather related emergencies, as well as man-made or technological events such as utility disruptions, hazardous materials spills and terrorism. 

  • Employment Services

    Mike Swain, Employment Services Manager

    Employment Services, a division of Human Resources, performs the personnel hiring and testing function and maintains the City's comprehensive classification plan covering approximately 600 classes of work. This division also monitors the performance evaluation process, coordinates the administration of valid medical standards, and conducts job analysis research for developing valid selection procedures.   

  • Fire and Police Pension

    Tiffany Ernst, Plan Administrator

    The Fire & Police Pension Fund is administered by a nine member Board of Trustees who have appointed a Plan Administrator and administrative staff to conduct daily operations for the effective and efficient administration of the pension plan, including but not limited to: processing benefit payments to retirees and their beneficiaries, processing health and life insurance enrollment and changes, administering the DROP, and processing disability pension applications.

    Tampa, FL 33603

    Phone: 813-274-8550813-274-8550

    Fax: 813-274-7504

  • Fire Rescue

    Nick Lo Cicero, Fire Chief

    The Fire Rescue Department provides essential service in the areas of fire prevention, fire protection, and emergency medical care. The department is comprised of the Operations, Rescue, Communications, Prevention, and Administrative Divisions. 

  • General Employees' Retirement Fund

    Dana Blydenburgh, GE Pension Plan Supervisor

    The General Employees’ Retirement Fund is governed by a seven-member Board of Trustees appointed for three-year terms.  The Fund employs a GE Pension Plan Supervisor and staff to conduct the daily operations of the Fund including benefits administration, fiscal administration and retirement education.   The Fund administers the Division A and Division B defined benefit pension plans for City of Tampa general employees in full-time or part-time regular positions.  

  • Geographic Information Systems

    Kerry Wright, GISP

    The Geographic Information Systems team is responsible for developing citywide GIS solutions and standards and provides strategic direction, leadership and management for implementing GIS solutions.

  • Governmental Affairs & Strategic Initiatives

    Marley Wilkes, Director

    The Mayor's Office - Governmental Affairs Liaison and Strategic Initiatives Division represents the City of Tampa position with respect to regulations and legislation. The Office also promotes the City's interests with state and federal government agencies and other governmental entities.

  • Housing

    Vanessa McCleary, Manager

    Housing and Community Development is a division of the Planning and Development Department, which administers a variety of housing programs that assist eligible low and moderate-income residents purchase, rent or rehabilitate existing housing units located within the City of Tampa limits.  The Tampa Office of Human Rights is part of the division, enforcing the City’s employment, housing, and public accommodations anti-discrimination laws.

  • Human Resources

    Kelly Austin, Interim Director

    The Director of Human Resources is responsible for the Employee Relations, Employment Services, Risk Management and Training & Development divisions. The department also serves as the City of Tampa Ethics Office.

  • Human Rights

    The Office of Human Rights enforces local, state and federal anti-discrimination laws in housing, employment and public accommodations for persons who believe discrimination occurred because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, age, disability, familial and marital status or retaliation.  The Office receives, mediates, investigates and resolves complaints, and provides outreach and education on fair housing, sexual harassment, reasonable accommodations/modifications, LGBT, and use of criminal records issues, plus more.  All services are free of charge.

  • Internal Audit

    Christine Glover, Director

    The Internal Audit Department provides management with an independent appraisal of major areas of City activities in order to reduce potential risk and loss to the City. 

  • Logistics and Asset Management

    Ocea Wynn, Director

    The Logistics and Asset Management Department provides a variety of services directly to citizens, such as providing safe, reliable and efficient public parking and provides services to other city departments; i.e. the coordination of city-wide public facility maintenance and contract construction, city-wide vehicle maintenance and repairs.  The department is comprised of the following divisions:  Facility Management, Fleet Maintenance, and Parking.

  • Marketing & Communications

    Ashley Bauman, Director

    The Marketing & Communications Division works behind the scenes to develop City messaging and programs that effectively communicate the City's goals, accomplishments, and projects with a unique emphasis on the City's six strategic focus areas. 

  • Mayor's Office

    Jane Castor, Mayor

    The Mayor's Office provides services required of the executive branch of City government including administrative functions and public relations. The department is responsible for providing direction to department heads, administering ordinances and resolutions of City Council, meeting the public and providing information on matters of community concern. The Mayor, as Chief Executive Officer, provides guidance and executive approval of the annual budget and long range planning for the City.  

  • Minority and Small Business Development

    Gregory Hart, Manager

    The Minority Business Development program facilitates contract opportunities in construction, professional services and goods, and non-professional services for women and minority business firms that are certified to do business with the City of Tampa.  

  • Neighborhood Empowerment

    Sal Ruggiero, Interim Administrator

    The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment  serves as the single point of contact for citizens to access services from Community Partnerships & Neighborhood Engagement, Business Tax, Mayor's Neighborhood University, and Neighborhood Enhancement.

  • Neighborhood Enhancement

    Sal Ruggiero, Manager

    The City of Tampa Neighborhood Enhancement Division (formerly Code Enforcement & Clean City Divisions) enforces all non-criminal city ordinances, codes, and regulations. The division also works to improve the quality of life for Tampa residents through maintenance efforts of medians and vacant lots. The division continues the effort to reduce litter, graffiti and illegal dumping.

  • Parking

    Kelly Stephens, Parking Division Manager

    The Parking Division is a division of the Logistics and Asset Management Department.  The division is responsible for the operation of all City of Tampa's public parking. The Parking Division develops parking policy and specific facility expansion plans to serve the parking demand in the central business district and adjacent commercial areas. The present parking inventory consists of 10 garages and 21 surface lots, comprising a total of 11,372 spaces.  

  • Parks and Recreation

    Paul Dial, Director

    The Tampa Parks and Recreation Department manages, maintains and operates all the park and recreational facilities of the city, and develops and implements programs for cultural and recreational activities. 

  • Planning and Development

    Thomas R.P. Snelling, Director

    The City of Tampa Planning and Development Department's overall function is to ensure safe and affordable housing and commercial structures that are compatible and compliant with the applicable codes and ordinances.  The department is comprised of the following divisions: Construction Services, Architectural Review and Historic Preservation, Housing & Community Development, and Real Estate. It is also home to the City's Green Officer who guides the City in programs and services as we work toward becoming a more sustainable community.

  • Planning and Urban Design Division

    Catherine Coyle, Manager

    The Planning & Urban Design Division is comprised of multiple disciplines that are directly related to current and long-range planning and development projects throughout the City of Tampa. The Division serves as the lead for nine (9) primary focus areas, which include Long Range & Strategic Planning, Community Planning & Form Based Codes, Transportation Planning & Development Review, Right-of-Way Permitting & Maintenance of Traffic Planning, Natural Resources & Urban Forest Management Planning, Urban Design Review for Special & Overlay Districts, Development Code Writing, Alcoholic Beverage Records Management, and GIS Planning & Analysis.

  • Planning, Design & Development Coordination

    Catherine Coyle, Manager

    Planning, Design & Development Coordination (PDDC), formerly Planning Urban Design (PUD) and Land Development Coordination (LDC), is a division of the Planning and Development Department.  PDDC is comprised of multiple disciplines that are directly related to current and long-range planning and development projects throughout the City of Tampa.  Division responsibilities include Zoning, Alcoholic Beverage Permitting, Natural Resources, Urban Design, Transportation Development Review, Right-of-Way Permitting and Mapping, Subdivision (Platting) and Development of Regional Impact Review (DRI), Business Permitting, and Community Planning and Development Code Composition.

  • Police

    Brian Dugan, Chief of Police

    The Tampa Police Department works to reduce crime and enhance the quality of life through a cooperative partnership with all citizens.

  • Public Works and Utility Services Administrator

    Brad Baird, Administrator

    The Public Works and Utility Services Administrator is responsible for coordinating and managing all public works and utility operations and programs.  He has direct supervisory responsibility for the Contract Administration, Solid Waste & Environmental Program Management, Transportation and Stormwater Services, Wastewater and Water department.

  • Purchasing

    Gregory K. Spearman, Director

    The Purchasing Department, as provided for in the City Charter, is responsible for all aspects of the City's centralized procurement process. Its objective is to acquire needed goods and services as efficiently and as inexpensively as possible, while assuring fair and equal opportunity to all qualified vendors.

  • Real Estate

    Monica Ammann, Real Estate Manager

    Real Estate is a division of the Planning and Development Department. The Real Estate Division acts as a central service organization, providing the purchase, sale, leasing and property management services of real estate for other City departments.   

  • Revenue and Finance

    Dennis Rogero , Interim Chief Financial Officer

    The Department of Revenue and Finance is responsible for managing the City's financial matters. Primary functions include: administration, budgeting, planning, accounting, investment, licensing, utility accounting, pension, and grant administration.

  • Riverwalk

    Tony Mulkey, CPRE

    The Riverwalk allows both tourists and area citizens to access museums, hotels, restaurants, shopping and key destinations while enjoying Tampa’s beautiful shoreline. As a key downtown neighborhood amenity, it provides a safe pathway for exercise, access to urban parks and numerous boater access points. It provides an educational canvas for the celebration of Tampa’s history and culture, linking numerous venues with current and future commercial/retail development. 

  • Solid Waste

    Mark Wilfalk, Director

    The Department of Solid Waste & Environmental Program Management provides environmentally safe, time responsive, and cost effective collection, disposal and recycling services for nearly 90,000 residential and commercial customers. 

  • Special Events

    Tony Mulkey, Superintendent

    The mission of the Office of Special Events is to provide a knowledgeable, customer focused management team, committed to leading you through the event process while helping to create memorable events.

    Our dedicated, professional Special Events Management Team is your resource on all aspects of event production. We recommend that all event planners contact the Office of Special Events early in the planning process. We will be happy to provide guidance and answer your questions.

    We strive to deliver outstanding customer service to ensure your events success.

  • Technology and Innovation

    Russell Haupert, Director and Chief Technology Officer

    The Department Technology and Innovation (T&I) is the City of Tampa's central technology provider in areas of applications development and support, technology infrastructure and integration, IT security, geographical information systems, computer/telecommunications and radio support. 

  • TPD Black History Committee

    Ida Walker

    As representatives of the Tampa Police Department, the Black History Committee's mission is to reduce crime and enhance the quality of life through a cooperative partnership with all citizens. These partnerships include the historic emphasis of promoting educational awareness of African Americans in law enforcement, the importance of diversity and achievement, and maintaining a relationship with the community as a whole. 

  • Transportation and Stormwater Services

    Jean W. Duncan, P.E., Director

    The Transportation and Stormwater Services Department focuses on transportation and stormwater planning, project development and management, traffic engineering, and stormwater management, as well as the City's overall mobility needs.

  • Wastewater

    Eric Weiss, P.E, Director

    The Wastewater Department's goal is to provide outstanding Wastewater services to our customers while protecting public health and the environment.  

  • Water

    Chuck Weber, Director

    The Tampa Water Department delivers potable and reclaimed water services to more than 124,000 service locations. 

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