Metropolitan Medical Response System

Metropolitan Medical Response System The primary focus of the MMRS program is to develop or enhance existing emergency preparedness systems to effectively respond to a public health crisis, especially a weapons of mass destruction (WMD) event. Through preparation and coordination, local law enforcement, fire, Hazmat, EMS, hospital, public health, and other "first response" personnel plan to more effectively respond in the first 48 hours of a public health crisis.

Tampa has been involved with MMRS since 2000, and is composed of specially trained and equipped fire, medical, police, health and emergency management personnel. The mission of the MMRS is to respond to, provide support for, and assist local emergency responders in order to effectively address responder's safety issues, incident management, and public health consequences of incidents involving Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). These incidents are of nuclear, biological, or chemical (NBC) nature resulting from accidental or deliberate acts.

Examples of MMRS activities include:

  • Planning and training
  • Identification of substances
  • Extrication of victims
  • Triage, treatment, and transportation of victims to medical facilities while providing scene safety.

For more information:
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