COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Alert from HR - Benefits and Wellness Resources for COVID-19

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UnitedHealthcare Covers COVID-19 Testing

The City of Tampa UnitedHeatlhcare plan covers approved and authorized COVID-19 testing, and will waive member costs including copayments, coinsurance and deductibles. 

UnitedHealthcare Virtual Visits-Talk with a doctor by phone or video 24/7

Virtual Visit physicians will follow established guidelines for members who think they may have been infected by COVID-19. Phone or video Virtual Visits are available, even if you regularly treat at one of the City of Tampa Wellness Centers. The City will waive the $15 patient copayment for Virtual Visits.

For more details, and to schedule a Virtual Visit, you can log in to, click on Virtual Visits or call UnitedHealthcare member services at 1-833-760-7892.


The BayCareAnywhere program also offers 24/7 telemedicine visits, and is covered by the City’s UnitedHealthcare plans.  The normal primary care copay of $30 will apply to BayCareAnywhere visits. 

UnitedHealthcare Member Service Representative is Available

Bryant Roperto, the City’s UnitedHealthcare on-site representative, can also assist. Bryant can be reached at 813-274-8279 or or you may call UHC Customer Care at 1-833-760-7892.

City of Tampa CareATC Wellness Centers

Both City Wellness Centers are available to assist patients for needed services, including the COVID-19 virus. If you believe you have been exposed to or have COVID-19 symptoms contact the Patient Access Center at 800.993.8244 to schedule a telephonic or virtual appointment. There is never a patient charge when using one of the City Wellness Centers.   To protect other patients and staff, all walk-in appointments at the wellness centers are suspended until further notice.

UnitedHealthcare EAP-Live and Work Well

UnitedHealthcare offers a wide range of support to help you stay up to date with, and cope with COVID-19 as part of the City’s EAP, Live and Work Well. Any employee, even if not covered by the City health plan, can access Live and Work Well.  Simply click on Live and Work Well Website and register as a guest at the bottom of the screen, using the access code Tampa. After logging in you will see “Learn about COVID-19” at the top of the screen.

Live and Work Well has a toll-free emotional support help line at (866) 342-6892 that is free of charge and available to anyone, so you can share it with family and friends. Caring professionals will connect people to resources 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Visit the City of Tampa Corona Disease (COVID) Information Website for details, frequently asked questions, and information on resources.