COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Alert from HR - Quizzify Coronavirus Quiz #4 – Being at Home

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How much do you really know about the COVID-19 virus?  What is the truth, and what might be myth or false? Great questions, and now you can use Quizzify to improve knowledge of the virus, and make the best decisions to protect you and those important to you.
Quizzify Coronavirus Quiz #4 – Being at Home includes 10 questions (including 3 "greatest hits") to make the best of being at home
To take Coronavirus Quiz #4 – Being at Home simply click this link Tampa QuizzifyIf you missed either of the earlier quizzes, you will find them at the same link.
The City, is working with Quizzify to provide you a series of Coronavirus quizzes.  Quizzify's engaging health literacy quizzes, reviewed by doctors at Harvard Medical School, provide education to employees on health, healthcare, and health benefits.

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We encourage you to take the quizzes, and your spouse or partner can also take them. Your participation and score are private.  There is no user ID or password required; and only you see the score. 
You can look forward to more Coronavirus quizzes coming your way soon.  We hope you find them beneficial.
All COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Alerts from HR are also on the internet at Employees Guide.
Visit the City of Tampa Corona Disease (COVID) Information Website for details, frequently asked questions, and information on resources.