COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Alert - Information on Health Benefits

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Information on Health Benefits for Employees and their Families
Employees and their families are understandably concerned about the coronavirus as new cases emerge, schools close and other significant measures are being taken to protect our community. We want you to know the City of Tampa employee health plan and related resources are prepared to provide you the necessary coverage for treatment you may receive.

UnitedHealthcare Benefits and Coverage
The City of Tampa UnitedHeatlhcare plan covers approved and authorized COVID-19 testing and will waive member costs including copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles.

UnitedHealthcare Virtual Visits-Talk with a doctor by phone or video 24/7
When you need care — anytime, day or night — Virtual Visits can be a convenient option. Virtual Visit physicians will follow established guidelines for covered members who think they may have been infected by COVID-19. Virtual Visits are available, even if you are regularly treated at one of the City of Tampa Wellness Centers.

The patient copayment for Virtual Visits is $15. For more details, and to schedule a Virtual Visit, you can log in to  click on Virtual Visits or call UnitedHealthcare member services at 1-833-760-7892. 

Bryant Roperto, the City’s UnitedHealthcare on-site representative, can also assist. Bryant can be reached at 813-274-8279 or

UnitedHealthcare/Optum Pharmacy Coverage Impacted by COVID-19
Medications are typically dispensed for 30 days or less, however, those necessary for long-term use may be dispensed for 90 days.  Members who need help obtaining an early prescription refill may call the customer care number on their ID card for assistance in obtaining an override. For details, you may call 1-833-760-7892.

City of Tampa CareATC Wellness Centers
The staff at both City Wellness Centers are available to assist patients for needed services, including the COVID-19.  There is never a patient charge when using one of the City Wellness Centers.  

CareATC has set up triage procedures when a patient calls their Patient Access Center at 1-800-993-8244 to schedule when they login to the CareATC Patient Website from a computer or the CareATC mobile app.  The representative will ask an initial series of questions to determine if a person was at risk for the virus.  Based on the answers the patient will either be scheduled for a visit or sent for further screening.  The screening could result in a telephone consultation/virtual visit if a patient has any symptoms of the COVID-19. 

Visit the City of Tampa Corona Disease (COVID) Information Website for details, frequently asked questions, and information on resources.