COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Alert (March 19)

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This COVID-19 Alert is part of the City’s continuing commitment to keep employees up to date on the current outbreak of the virus and how it may impact you and your families.

MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS: Please make sure this information is being distributed to any employees who do not regularly use a computer connected to the City network.

Updated Information on How City Health Benefits Cover the COVID-19 Virus

Since the last Alert on March 16, there are several updates to better clarify coverage for COVID-19 testing and Treatment.

  • UnitedHealthcare Virtual Visits.  The City will waive the $15 copay for Virtual Visits.
  • BayCareAnywhere is now an option for receiving virtual visits 24/7 should you have symptoms, and is covered under the City’s UnitedHealthcare plans.
  • CareATC Wellness Centers continue to assist patients, including those with COVID-19 symptoms with telemedicine (virtual) visits.  To protect other patients and staff, all walk-in appointments have been suspended until further notice.

Full details are included in an attachment to this City ENews.

Don’t forget…The City of Tampa Corona Disease (COVID) Information Website has details, frequently asked questions, and information on resources that can help.