Employee COVID-19 Alert from HR - Helpful Information Regarding Teleworking

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Helpful Information Regarding Teleworking

During the current COVID-19 virus outbreak, the Mayor has authorized and many departments have put into practice Telework or working off City premises, typically employee’s residences. Working off-site eliminates daily interaction with co-workers and other individuals in the workplace, and is an effective measure to avoid spreading COVID-19 virus.

Telework applies when authorized by your supervisor.  Many employees are already teleworking, and many more may be shortly.  Below are some helpful practices to make your telework more effective so we can continue to deliver services to our citizens.

10 TIPS for Effectively Teleworking

  1. Start early, and in no event later than your normal start time. 
  2. Get dressed properly. Being comfortable is fine, but dressing for work fosters a mindset of the professionalism you bring each day to your regular worksite.
  3. Have a designated workspace.
  4. Structure your day as if at your regular worksite.
  5. Have a list of daily tasks and priorities.
  6. Minimize any distractions. This includes TV and non-business calls, texts, emails, social media, etc.  Should neighbors or other visitors come to your residence, politely tell them you are teleworking.
  7. Advise others in the home of your need for privacy and of scheduled calls.
  8. Wear headphones to eliminate background noise, especially if there are others nearby.
  9. Take regular breaks; stretch your legs.
  10. Have a definitive finish time.

As all of us realize, teleworking means you are on the job.  It is important you remain available to your managers, supervisors and co-workers, and others you normally work with. The City and its citizens are counting on all of us to perform at the exceptional level we exhibit every day.

City of Tampa Telework Resources on the Web

The City websites have extensive resources to assist you.  If you are still at your regular worksite and have a City computer, laptop or tablet you can find them at Telework Resources-COT iNET

If you are teleworking, or otherwise away from a City workstation and need to locate these resources you can find them at Telework Resources-Tampagov.net

All COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Alerts from HR can be found on the internet at Employees Guide.

Visit the City of Tampa Corona Disease (COVID) Information Website for details, frequently asked questions, and information on resources.

Other Things You Need to Know

Watch for symptoms

Reported illnesses have ranged from mild symptoms to severe illness and death for confirmed coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases. The following symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure.

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

Practice social distancing

Keeping away from persons as much as possible can protect you and others.  Try to keep a distance of 6 feet from those you are interacting with and avoid handshakes and other touching.

If you have symptoms?

Contact your primary care physician or the patient access center for the City Wellness Centers immediately.  Your physician will advise you on next steps, including whether you need to be tested.  Avoid going directly to your physician so that other persons are not infected.

If you are sick with Corona Virus symptoms, stay home except to get medical care

  • Stay home: People who are mildly ill with COVID-19 are able to isolate at home during their illness. You should restrict activities outside your home, except for getting medical care.
  • Avoid public areas: Do not go to work, school, or other public areas.
  • Avoid public transportation including ride sharing and taxis.
  • Stay away from others, even within your own home.

Steps you can take in your home or workplace

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • If unable to wash hands use hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol content
  • Sanitize tables and counters at home, workstations on the job, door handles and phones
  • Many City worksites have hand-sanitizer stations and access to wipes.  Ask your supervisor.


Visit the City of Tampa Corona Disease (COVID) Information Website for details, frequently asked questions, and information on resources.